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A Critique Of Apple Design

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

Gone are the fundamental principles of good design: discoverability, feedback, recovery, and so on. Instead, Apple has, in striving for beauty, created fonts that are so small or thin, coupled with low contrast, that they are difficult or impossible for many people with normal vision to read. We have obscure gestures that are beyond even the developer’s ability to remember. We have great features that most people don’t realize exist.


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Thoughts About The iPad Pro

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iPad Pro: Forget All Other Tablets

The power!


I can read The American Magazine without any zoom.

There’s just a second for the page to sharpen but paging is paper-fast. And that’s with the full 290 MB version of the PDF!

No other screensnaps. Each one is 2MBs — and my image space is that low.


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In Search Of iPad Pro

I didn’t bother to go to an Apple Store yesterday because all the press I said it would be online orders on the 11th with units appearing in stores later.

So I figured — as is typical with Apple — there’d be no demo units.

But I learned today from Twitter that people have bought it in Apple Stores.

So today I might go looking for one to Google Books PDF Test. If successful — which depends on many factors aside from just finding one, like good WiFi — I won’t be posting many screensnaps because they’ll be ginormous and my image storage space is limited.

These Pro units might be segregated too, so I’m not counting on being able to use, say, a nearby iPad Mini to do a quick video.

If I don’t get to do this today, then it’ll be the weekend for sure.

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PhotoFast MemoriesCable


PhotoFast MemoriesCable

I learned about this via Weibo!


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Tablet Horse Race: iPad Pro, Pixel C, Surface Pro 4 Specs


Chart adapted from CNet. I deleted the MacBook Air column because it’s not a damn tablet.

Both the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4 should do very well.

The Pixel C will be a flop.

Seriously, Google does a flagship tablet when its OS still can’t do multiwindows? Is anyone in charge over there? Anyone at all? With an active intelligence?

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Thoughts About Android And Tablets

Editorial: I Used The Pixel C, And It Seems Like A Pretty Bad Idea

You see, when the Nexus 9 was released last year, I reviewed it. It was pretty bad. It’s still not great — the Nexus 9 lacks a good deal of the tablet content of iOS, still isn’t as powerful as a Chromebook for things like basic text composition and editing or even web browsing, and doesn’t even get very good battery life. But most of the problem with Android tablets as a whole is software-related: the OS doesn’t feel designed for a large-screen tablet and the content that is available simply isn’t as wide-ranging as what you find on iOS or, if you want to look at Windows and the Surface’s ability to run full Windows applications (no small feature), even on Microsoft’s platform.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

There’s more …

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China Tech Site Reviews iPad Mini 4

PadNews reprint from another site, via Google Translate: iPad mini 4 Review: Worst mini tablet

I don’t know what’s up with that odd title, because this is their China-tablet burying conclusion:

If you are considering to start with a 7.9-inch tablet, then this iPad mini 4 should be your first choice.

Boldfaced emphasis in the original.

Well, that slaps the hell out of Teclast, Onda, Chuwi and the rest! Also Samsung and Asus.

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iPad Mini 4 Fails Extreme PDF Torture Test
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Let’s Compare iPad Mini 4 And Clones Weights


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Miscellaneous Tablet Test Notes

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0:

I stopped in Barnes & Noble for another fondle of the Nook Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

That screen is very, very glossy. It’s also harsh for reading. Despite the different screen modes and brightness settings I tried.

B&N has really locked down the two demo units I previously tried after I published this post. That’s not coincidental. Someone panicked. Now I can’t use the button for splitscreen or multitasking and I can’t upload screensnaps to this blog or even email! They also locked down the Notifications swipe-down gesture!

However, they didn’t cut off Install Unknown Sources. So I got evil and downloaded Google Play Books and the Kindle app. Both were a pain to get. The Kindle app came from Samsung’s app store. The Google app from the Play Store — somehow (I had to do some contortions I don’t recall now).

Neither of them would run as-is. Both wanted me to sign into my Amazon and Google accounts before I could try anything. No. I deleted both apps before I left B&N.

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iPad Mini 4: 46,000-Range AnTuTu


See the annoying video — with other benchmarks too — after the break.

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