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PDF Tests: iPad Air 2

Same tests as yesterday, minus CBZ file, and this time on the iPad Air — which has a more powerful CPU than the iPad Mini, plus 2GBs of RAM.

Safari, Google Drive view:


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PDF Tests: iPad Mini Versus Insignia Flex Elite 7.85

I tried some more PDFs yesterday, many non-Google Books. This was on the iPad Mini current-generation as well as the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85.

The tests were for readability and speed.

If you want to play at home, here are the files stored at my Google Drive:

Thunderbirds Are Go 1966 [48 MBs]

The Thinking Machine [3.5 MBs] [Google Books PDF]

Secret Service: The Bradys: The Queen of Chinatown [8.7 MBs] [Google Books PDF]

LIFE July 1969 Moon (Retina?) [31.5 MBs]

Comic Books

App via APK Downloader: Comics Reader app (Kervala) [Google Play Store link]

PDF – Stuntman [20 MBs]

CBZ – Stuntman [44MBs]

PDF – New Gods [14 MBs]

CBR – New Gods [10 MBs]

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iOS 9 And PDFs

iOS 9 includes a share action for saving PDFs to iBooks

The option is limited, however, as once the PDF is saved to iBooks, the only export options you have are Email and Print. That said, this is still a definite step in the right direction for iOS. Archiving webpages will be much easier as a result, even if iBooks isn’t the most ideal option for storing PDFs.

Not only will users be able to save webpages to PDFs, but the option shows up in first-party apps like Notes and Photos as well. Being that it is a native sharing activity, it would seem likely that third-party apps would gain access to the feature as well.

That is interesting.


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Hound, Siri, Google, Cortana: The Road To Box & Her

Thanks to Dan Miller for pointing me to the video after the break.

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iPad Pro: 12.9 Inches

Previously here:

iPad Pro?
iPad Pro Plus Doubleplus WTF
The Rumored iPad Pro
The Not-So-Surprising Use For A Tablet

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Apple Invents MultiBullshit

Bitch, puhleeze!


People who have been reading this blog for a while will understand that I snorted and laughed my ass off at the MultiBullshit Apple showed off at WWDC.

Samsung offered it first. Rockchip did it better.

Now Apple offers it lamely — and only on the iPad Air 2.

Criticizing Apple’s MultiBullshit point-by-point is not worth my time.



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iOS 9


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June 8, 2015 · 1:48 pm

Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch

More Apple Watch

I’m thinking about returning it.


Sometimes you’ve got to say no. Maybe Apple shouldn’t have made a watch.

Sometimes you’ve got to break the paradigm. They were so busy making it look like a watch, they should have begun with a blank slate.

I keep thinking the leaders of Apple were goaded and self-goaded into doing it. Goaded by the outside world of press and goaded by each other to show they could be Post-Steve with something new and succeed.

I still see no need for me to own any smartwatch, although the Pebble Time and the weird ones from China make me curious.

Previously here:

Bob Lefsetz And The Apple Watch

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Siri: For Science!


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June 3, 2015 · 1:56 pm

Two iPhone Articles

People around the world are misusing their iPhone because they’re afraid of breaking it

After 3 weeks of using an iPhone, I’ll never use Android again



This makes a huge difference. Maybe one of the biggest differences of all. I tried multiple camera apps on my Android phone, and they were all awful.

Maybe the worst part about them was that they all took forever to load. The whole point of taking pictures with your smartphone is convenience. I want to snap and go and that’s it. If it’s super beautiful, that’s a bonus. This never worked out for me on my Note 3, and as a result I took fewer pictures.

This was especially tough moving from an iPhone in the first place. I use my iPhone camera for all sorts of things other than just taking pictures with friends or at events.

It serves as a digital scanner and a note-taking app because it can snap a picture so quickly. All of that functionality was lost on me when I was living with the Note 3. It doesn’t open up fast enough, and the camera app both by Samsung and the Google substitute I used were not good.

While Samsung and others take their time getting the camera right, Xiaomi understands how damn important it is and always uses it as a top selling point for their phones. (And the Xiaomi MiPad camera isn’t bad, either.)

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