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Samsung: Charging More For Less = Fewer Sales, Less Profits

Galaxy A8 prices start at north of $500

Hahahahahahaha. No.

This is a US$350 device, period. There’s now real competition from Alcatel, Asus, and LG, to name just three.

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Amazon’s “Sub-Optimus” Prime Day A Joke In Asia Too

Amazon Prime Day disappointment highlights Alibaba’s superiority

An ecommerce battle between the two would be waged on a variety of fronts, but after watching the Prime Day debacle, it’s hard to imagine that Alibaba won’t have the upper hand when it comes to marketing and promotional events and sales. After the folks at Amazon clean up the PR mess that was Wednesday’s Prime Day, they really ought to take a long hard look at Singles Day to find out what they should have done.

Amazon’s Prime Day was a disaster.

Not even their Kindle Paperwhite was on sale! How does that even make any marketing sense? They would have made up any loss in hardware profit with eBook profits. All those people who are still hanging onto their old Kindles would’ve jumped to upgrade.

Anyway, China’s 11/11 day has nothing to fear.

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Asus Violates Rule One: Don’t Confuse The Market!

Asus ZenPad S 8.0 is now available to buy in the US for $199.99

Interestingly, Best Buy says it’s selling the Z580C model of the Asus ZenPad S 8.0, but the specs it lists are actually those for one iteration of the Z580CA. We assume Asus’ naming conventions have managed to confuse even this well known retailer.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I didn’t even look at the listed specs!

A reality check is in order.

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Man Ruins New Samsung S6 Phone Imitating Walnuts Video


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HTC: No.



Um, no.

HTC chair apologizes to shareholders

Wang said HTC’s performance was mainly due to its poor operational efficiency and overly conservative marketing strategy amid fierce competition in the global market.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In an era where Big Phones sell, what does HTC have? Nothing.


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Second Memo To Lenovo/Zuk



Xiaomi opens its first Mi Home store outside of mainland China, in Hong Kong.

But wait! Lenovo said:

It’s just an online model. Now everyone knows how to do that.

Yeah, I’m going to rub their snout in this again.

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Memo To Lenovo/Zuk



Lei Jun posts a selfie from a Xiaomi meeting held at one-thirty in the morning.

You still think it’s “just an online model”?

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Osama bin Laden: Unprotected, Unarmed, Delusional, Cowering

Google Cache (because the original site is down from traffic): The Killing of Osama bin Laden

‘They knew where the target was – third floor, second door on the right,’ the retired official said. ‘Go straight there. Osama was cowering and retreated into the bedroom. Two shooters followed him and opened up. Very simple, very straightforward, very professional hit.’ Some of the Seals were appalled later at the White House’s initial insistence that they had shot bin Laden in self-defence, the retired official said. ‘Six of the Seals’ finest, most experienced NCOs, faced with an unarmed elderly civilian, had to kill him in self-defence? The house was shabby and bin Laden was living in a cell with bars on the window and barbed wire on the roof. The rules of engagement were that if bin Laden put up any opposition they were authorised to take lethal action. But if they suspected he might have some means of opposition, like an explosive vest under his robe, they could also kill him. So here’s this guy in a mystery robe and they shot him. It’s not because he was reaching for a weapon. The rules gave them absolute authority to kill the guy.’ The later White House claim that only one or two bullets were fired into his head was ‘bullshit’, the retired official said. ‘The squad came through the door and obliterated him. As the Seals say, “We kicked his ass and took his gas.”’

So all of Zero Dark Thirty is a government cover story?

In North Korea, it’s called propaganda.

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What A Xiaomi F-Code Looks Like



MIUI forum:

Q: What’s F-code of Xiaomi Phone?
A: The full name of F-code is Friends Code. It’s born to provide priority with important users who’ve greatly contributed to Xiaomi at first. They can directly buy Xiaomi Phones or other items from Official web without ordering in advance. It can only help buy, cant be used or exchanged as money!

I’ve never seen one generally given out in the clear on Weibo before.

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Xiaomi Exec Disses Apple Watch Design

Xiaomi TV Operations Director, Operations Director Li Xiaomi community, disses the Apple Watch on Weibo:


The trouble with saying something like that is Xiaomi now has to reveal a better design.

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