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Charlie Sheen

Commercial break during his interview on the Today Show, where he’s announced he’s HIV-positive.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

The poor guy knew four years ago and has been blackmailed ever since. According to him, he’s paid out “millions” to people he thought he could trust to keep their mouths shut.

What a disgusting situation. What scum those people are.

Maybe it’s because I live in New York City, but I don’t know of anyone who sees an HIV diagnosis as being a “stigma.”

It’s just another fucking disease that humans can contract. To place it on a moral plane — as some do with the vaccine to prevent HPV — is ridiculous. How many so-called “normal” people must be infected before people understand it’s just a disease?

He’s gone through four years of hell. He should have announced at the time and saved himself all of the additional grief all of the backstabbers piled on him.

Here’s how I do things. Maybe others will find this helpful. I like to keep my life as simple and as uncomplicated as possible. So whenever I’m given an ultimatum by anyone, I have just one single answer: Go fuck yourself.

Charlie Sheen should have used that four years ago.


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Stymied: Palm DOC File Creation

Long ago, I had a small Windows program that would take a TXT file and automagically create a Palm DOC file simply by dragging and dropping the TXT file onto it.

I’ve lost that damn program over the years.

Now I can’t remember its name and all my searching is coming up empty.

Anyone know the name, have a link, or have the app itself? It was freeware.

I’ve hit a roadblock in using the CLIE as a lifeboat. The PDB files I have are based on Palm’s modified PalmOS 5 format. The CLIE is classic PalmOS 4.x format. I can’t just load the PDBs into the CLIE and, shazam!, have Date Book, Memos, etc., back.

So, for Memos, I need to copy and paste into a TXT file and convert to DOC.

There are hundreds of these damn things to do.

Update Thursday November 5 2015: Having failed to find that utility, I’ve resorted to using MakeDOCW. It’s twitchy. No matter that I unchecked Auto-Install, it still makes an installable file. But I can drag and drop it into the Memory Stick (I just bought a new reader/writer yesterday) anyway and it can be read by SmartDOC, which is the DOC reader I have used for ages. This will do. Call off the hounds and thanks to all who tried to help.


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Sony CLIE Lifeboat

June 2nd, 2007: LifeDrive Notes: The Changing Of The Guard


Eight years later, I’m back to that CLIE. Miraculously, the battery not only can hold a charge, it seems to have lost none of its stamina.

Going back to a monochrome green 160 x 160 screen is a real trip.

But with Palm OS 3.x, I’m using X-Master and have my wonderful productivity-enhancing hacks back that Palm OS 5.x on the LifeDrive robbed me of.

I still haven’t transferred crucial data from the LifeDrive to the CLIE yet. No Memory Stick card reader/writer here! But the LifeDrive info is safely backed-up, so there’s that. For now.

Previously here:

No Other Posts Today

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No Other Posts Today

I have a personal emergency.

My LifeDrive screen has gone all streaky and will show none of my data.

On the XP box with Palm Desktop, the last HotSync was February 2014.

That’s because PalmOneSyncEng.dll mysteriously disappeared and syncs would no longer work.

I’m now on a Win 7 notebook and must make Palm Desktop sync to try to retrieve my stranded data.

If I can get it into Palm Desktop, I can start the process of rescuing the data for another device.

Suggestions welcomed!

Update Tuesday October 20 2015: All LifeDrive data successfully synced to Windows 7 notebook. And I have suggestions for migrating it to Android — when I can damn well finally buy something.


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TV: Kung Fu, The Lessons

I didn’t know why, but for several months I’ve wanted to see this series again.

Now I’m perplexed.


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#FuckCancer: Humans Are Stupid


From this YouTube video (which I peeked into but have not yet watched).

I’ll repeat what I’ve said on Twitter. Cancer is not clever. Cancer is not smart. Human beings are stupid and haven’t yet discovered the fundamentals of cancer.

At one time, Nokia was hailed as being the best. Nokia was never the best. Nokia’s competitors were incompetents producing shit. That’s a huge difference.

And I can’t imagine the heartbreak and anguish of that guy, thinking he was being cured — only to have the cancer rage back over eight weeks. It brings to mind this:

“When an evil spirit leaves a person, it goes into the desert, seeking rest but finding none. Then it says, ‘I will return to the person I came from.’ So it returns and finds its former home empty, swept, and in order. Then the spirit finds seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they all enter the person and live there. And so that person is worse off than before…” — Matthew 12:43-45

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#FuckCancer: 60 Minutes

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#FuckCancer: Fuck Rats

Deficiency in glutamine but not glucose induces MYC-dependent apoptosis in human cells


Look, I’m an ignorant layman. I’ve read many cancer research papers since February. But even being an ignorant layman, I questioned very early on in my reading what the fuck mice and rats had to do with curing cancer in humans.

Now someone else has come out and said that too — in a research paper.

No, #FuckCancer is not over. Which is why I’m still considering a triage tablet. All that happened is that I got annoyed with the original #FuckCancer post as a Sticky.

Previously here:

#FuckCancer 3-BP Fundraiser
Why There Have Been So Few Posts Lately And I Must Now Vent So Stand By For Language That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End
#FuckCancer: 60 Minutes


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Tiny Houses: No.

Dear People Who Live In Fancy Tiny Houses

Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses…

Do you actually love living in a fancy tiny house?

You look so freakin’ happy in that Dwell Magazine article or Buzzfeed post, but c’mon, you can’t tell me that you don’t lie awake at night, your face four inches from the ceiling because the only place your bed fits is above the kitchen sink which also acts as your shower, and think, I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Tiny Houses intrigued me for a while. But as I continued my research, I became more claustrophobic (something I don’t normally suffer from!) when I thought about them and imagined living in one.

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#FuckCancer 3-BP Fundraiser

A Sticky for this week month week, scroll down one for new posts.

See second update, below.

Hope for Chere Cancer Treatment Fund

I have no connection with this (see my FTC Disclosure page for reassurance) or any of the people involved.

I’m interested that the patient is willing to try 3-bromopyruvate. Without going into all of the scientific details (search Pubmed if you’re interested), I have reason to believe this therapy — once perfected — could offer additional longevity to people afflicted with glycolytic malignancies. As promising as limited applications have been, I still hesitate to use the word “cure” for it.

Anyone who has found this blog at all useful is encouraged to contribute to the fund. I’m very interested to see the clinical results and the sooner this has been fully funded, the sooner those results can be released for the benefit of others.

Next-day update: In the twenty-four hours since this post was published, no one has contributed. Let me put my disappointment and pissed-off-ness in perspective. Since it was published, the post Changing Chinese To English Language has been read by 3,565 people. That had to have been worth a damn dollar to each person who found it helpful. Give it up to the fund. And that’s not even the most-read post. That’s a practical one I can point to immediately of being of assistance to people. Now assist this patient in return. Give back. Thank you.

June 22, 2015 update: This fundraiser originated on this Cancer Compass board thread, which I’ve been reading since February. Today, someone in Comments here pointed out that the fundraiser isn’t accepting PayPal and that’s likely the barrier preventing most people from donating. I can understand that completely. So, today I finally registered at Cancer Compass and left a message, asking them if it was possible to add PayPal. Hours later, that post was deleted with no explanation. It’s a horrible, evil thing to create a fundraiser that doesn’t accept the most-popular method of funds transfer on the Internet. And it is an even bigger evil to delete a message that would improve the fundraiser’s chances of success. I’d like to thank those of you who have contributed to this point. At the end of this week, I will de-Stick this post. I keep it up for now so everyone can see this second update.

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Why There Have Been So Few Posts Lately And I Must Now Vent So Stand By For Language That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End


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Cleverer Than All Of Us

I saw this months ago. I showed it to someone else today.

I’m still so, so, so envious.

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