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New Rich City

Why I got out of New York City

So Times Square got cleaned up. For what? Now it’s a demented cross between Tokyo and Disneyland.

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January 7, 2015 · 8:56 pm


The French will not roll over.

They’ve seen mad-dog murdering shits before.

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Out And About In Manhattan

Manhattan has turned into a corporate mausoleum.

All the discount stores I relied on to keep me alive are being exterminated. Are the parasites from outside NYC who moved here really willing to pay twenty bucks for something I used to get for five at a discount store? They deserve to be bled. Bleed them dry.


A bit of a tour of what I saw.

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My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment, Part Five

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

This one will be brief:

That is why I’ve crossed all Windows tablets off my list.

I’ve been beaten up by too many Windows Updates and other Windows shit to want to ever risk having that in a tablet.

I’m otherwise still too confused to even list any tablet candidates yet.

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My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment


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I Really Really Really Hate Buying Tech

$400?! For A Smartwatch?!

Would you rather own two mediocre “smartwatches” at $199 or one really good one that you’ll actually use at $399? The answer should be obvious.

My head spins like a drunken top every time I begin to investigate what I should buy for a smartphone or tablet.

I’m not sure it’d be much different if I had all the money in the world: Because then I’d flay myself over whether I should spend the money on two things instead of just one. I really don’t want to wind up with more than I’d actually use.

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Buying Advice!

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Hoisting The Flag

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My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment, Part Four

September 15, 2013:
LG G Pad 8.3
“Ice Green” Chuwi V88
ICOO Fatty 2
Ramos K1
Tomato T2

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When Will This Winter Die?

A ‘Nor’Easter Bomb’ Might Be Heading To The East Coast

While the National Weather Service is understandably skittish about making snowfall predictions when the storm is still five days away, thanks to the wonders of technology, we can get a sneak peak of what the totals might be.

Another model, the GGEM (created by the Canadian Meteorological Centre), has a snow forecast that would rank as one of the biggest the New York City area has ever seen—more than two feet by Wednesday.

Now, the GGEM is more than likely wrong—the New York City office of the National Weather service conservatively noted the double-barreled center the GGEM is currently showing is probably unrealistic—but barring big changes in the forecast, there’s an increasingly strong line of evidence that someone’s going to get walloped on that order somewhere along the East Coast.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

We don’t need this. I’m still not used to the sidewalks and streets being finally clear of all the snow we’ve already had.

If we get a massive snowfall along the lines of that prediction, it will be a disaster.

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Ah, Diogenes!


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