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Oh Just Noting This For Future Use

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Reference: Quality

A Generation Lost in the Bazaar

One of Brooks’s many excellent points is that quality happens only if somebody has the responsibility for it, and that “somebody” can be no more than one single person — with an exception for a dynamic duo.

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Reference: Xiaomi 2014 Products

A MIUI forum post listing all the products Xiaomi introduced in 2014 (I guess nothing is coming in the next nine days?).

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Reference: Huawei Vs. Apple, Flagship Phones

I wasn’t paying any attention to the Huawei phone introduced this week.

Then I saw this chart.

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Are Cheap Android Tablets A Brochure To Buy An iPad?

Steve Jobs, 1985, Playboy interview:

Playboy: How about the low-priced computers: Commodore and Atari?

Jobs: I consider those a brochure for why you should buy an Apple II or Macintosh. I think people have already determined that the sub-$500 computers don’t do very much. They either tease people to want more or frustrate people completely.

Playboy: What about some of the smaller portables?

Jobs: They are OK if you’re a reporter and trying to take notes on the run. But for the average person, they’re really not that useful, and there’s not all that software for them, either. By the time you get your software done, a new one comes out with a slightly bigger display and your software is obsolete. So nobody is writing any software for them. Wait till we do it — the power of a Macintosh in something the size of a book!

I did a screensnap of that too.

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Another Part Of The Steve Jobs Puzzle

Playboy Interview: Steve Jobs

Playboy: What was your introduction to computers?

Jobs: A neighbor down the block named Larry Lang was an engineer at Hewlett-Packard. He spent a lot of time with me, teaching me stuff. The first computer I ever saw was at Hewlett-Packard. They used to invite maybe ten of us down every Tuesday night and give us lectures and let us work with a computer. I was maybe 12 the first time. I remember the night. They showed us one of their new desktop computers and let us play on it. I wanted one badly.

Playboy: What was it about it that interested you? Did you have a sense of its potential?

Jobs: It wasn’t anything like that. I just thought they were neat. I just wanted to mess around with one.


Review of Steve Jobs

Previously here:

Did Walter Isaacson Ask Steve Jobs This?

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Reference: Official 2015 China Holidays

See the official holidays — in red — after the break.

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Xiaomi Profit Math

Xiaomi Made Only $56 Million in Profit in 2013

Valued by private investors at more than $10 billion, Xiaomi recorded revenue of 26.6 billion yuan and an operating margin of just 1.8 percent.

A Xiaomi spokeswoman confirmed the accuracy of the filing, but said it did not cover the entirety of Xiaomi’s business.

“They’re growing so fast and so lean, I wouldn’t be surprised even if they were losing money,” said Forrester Research analyst Bryan Wang. “The current market is so competitive that I don’t think it’s sustainable without consolidation.”

Xiaomi has recently been Amazon-like, investing in other companies (Amazon usually buys such companies outright). Their latest move, the one that prompted this revelation, was a large investment in home appliance maker Midea.

People tend to forget that Xiaomi began with MIUI. Phones came later.

Ironically, that makes me think of the Walt Disney quote — he died on this date in 1966:

I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.

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Reference: Malcolm Gladwell

Tipping Points? Malcolm Gladwell Could Use A Few

Malcolm Gladwell Unmasked: A Look Into the Life & Work of America’s Most Successful Propagandist


And I’ll rat myself out. I mentioned Gladwell in several posts here.

(In my weak defense, I was thoroughly unimpressed with his David and Goliath and wouldn’t even waste time on a post damning it.)


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Jolla Sailfish OS Designer Blog

With the upcoming Jolla tablet, the Sailfish OS might get the kind of wider visibility it hasn’t had as a phone OS.

So I’m dropping this in here so I can easily find it to refer to when the time comes.

It’s a blog by Jaakko Roppola, a senior designer at Jolla: Value through design

By the way, the IndieGoGo campaign for the Jolla tablet has ended, raising an impressive US$1,824,055.

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Jolla Crowdfunds iPad Mini Clone

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