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#OnlyOnTwitter 3


Look, two CEOs being all kiss-kiss.

But wait!

As Paul Harvey used to say, stand by for the rest of the story

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How To Dismiss Promoted Tweets

This is what a Promoted Tweet — aka advertisement — looks like on the Twitter website:


How can you tell?

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The Teclast-Onda Weibo War Continues



And that goes to the Onda BBS [Google Translate].

Teclast is accused of making fraudulent claims for its battery capacity, tablet thickness, non-AAC speakers, and some other things that are in Chinese embedded in photos that can’t be translated.

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Apple’s Tim Cook Versus Xiaomi’s Lei Jun, Follower Counts

Tim Cook, Twitter:


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Twitter Does Alerts The Wrong Way

The first time I’ve seen something called a Twitter Alert:


It was just dumped into my stream, hours ago, to scroll by like any other tweet.

On Weibo, there’s a fixed area where they put a dismissable ad.

Twitter should steal that idea for Twitter Alerts. An Alert is something important and shouldn’t just scroll by in a timeline. It should be there at the top where people see it first and can click to dismiss it after reading.

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Twitter Is Intent On Destroying Itself

Twitter’s Video Plans Include Autoplay Ad Previews

Twitter is mulling the possibility of making promoted videos automatically play 6-second previews when they pop up in people’s feeds, according to people briefed on the company’s plans. If the autoplay previews were to catch someone’s eye, that person could click to watch the full video.

I won’t put up with scrolling through my timeline only to have it fucking pause to load a video and then break my concentration with some goddammed ad pitch preview I can’t prevent.

I’ll be out of there when this happens.


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#OnlyOnTwitter: 2


Previously here:

#OnlyOnTwitter: 1
Only On Twitter

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When Translation Goes Wrong

Twitter, yesterday:

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Only On Twitter


(Which, coincidentally, is also how Twitter should market its damn self. That. Where else could I see two writers talk to each other like that? Facebook? Puhleeze. Twitter should billboard the fuck out of everywhere with examples like that. And use the tagline, “Only On Twitter.”)

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Xiaomi Social Media War Room


A staff of fifty — so far — who do social media and customer service.

How many people from Apple, Google, or Amazon can you contact that way?

There’s no mystery about the success of Xiaomi.

They are where their customers are.


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