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Open webOS 1.0 On An Asus Transformer Prime: Part Two

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Meg Whitman: Are You For Real?

New York Times: Meg Whitman’s Toughest Campaign: Retooling H.P.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a more insulting piece about a company’s CEO in my entire tech life. Insulting to users.

Some choice quotes before I go off like a rocket:

She believes that mobile devices, cloud computing and Big Data will re-energize H.P.


From Ms. Whitman’s high vantage, the trends of mobile, cloud and Big Data resolve into a single phenomenon: the creation and exploitation of Information Everywhere. H.P. makes consumer devices, in addition to servers for the cloud, sensor networks, and analysis software. Instead of standing at the confluence of the phenomenon, though, H.P. is on the sidelines, with most of the parts but none of the integration to make it a leader.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me

What the hell? What the bloody hell?

If HP is sitting on the “sidelines,” it’s Whitman’s own damn fault!

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Open webOS 1.0 On An Asus Transformer Prime Tablet

Despite telling me yesterday it would take him “several days” to do it, I check into Twitter today and get this:

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Open webOS 1.0 Released

Open webOS 1.0 Edition

But @stroughtonsmith points out that is still running on top of Ubuntu, so it’s not like us mere mortals — those of us who love webOS, who want to use webOS — can use it.

If it took HP using engineers several days to get that running, what hope is there for us regular non-engineer users?

And although the Gram logo now appears in the upper right corner of the Open webOS Blog, the site is still nothing but a logo.

How much longer do we have to wait for a package that we can use?

Meanwhile, Mozilla continues ahead with its web-friendly OS.

Does Gram intend to mishandle Open webOS like Palm mishandled its original Palm OS?

Get the hell real finally. We need a package we can put on an x86 or ARM tablet as soon as possible.

And yes, I see multimedia isn’t ready. But I can do without that for many things.

Get Open webOS into the hands of us users so we can rave about it to others!

Same-day update: There’s now a new Open webOS Project website too.

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HP TouchPad Go Torments Me

So Steven Troughton-Smith has added this to his collection:

Click = big

That is the seven-inch-screened HP TouchPad Go.

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The Long Torment Of Open webOS

Steven Troughton-Smith’s hobby is to torment me.

His latest torment is showing me what Open webOS looks like on an Asus Transformer Prime:

Don’t get excited. That’s just a screensnap. Open webOS for ARM does not have an actual UI. Yet.

I told you he likes to torment me.

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Open webOS Has No UI For ARM Version

Steven Troughton-Smith has compiled the ARM version of Open webOS on the Transformer Prime.

This is what it looks like:

So those of us who had been hoping we’d see this on a Nexus 7 or other ARM tablet soon are just out of luck.

There is much, much more waiting ahead of us…

Get on the stick, Gram! People want this and are waiting.

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First Video Of Open webOS

And so it begins:

And how long will it be before any of us can load this on a tablet? Nexus 7?

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Open webOS Beta Is Here!

Open webOS August Edition

Today’s release provides— not one— but two build environments.

Our desktop build provides the ideal development environment for enhancing the webOS user experience with new features and integrating state of the art open source technologies. Developers can now use all their desktop tools on powerful development machines.

Our OpenEmbedded build provides the ideal development environment for porting webOS to new and exciting devices.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Will Apple-Samsung Affect Open webOS?

How Drudge screamed the verdict.

Coverage is all over, so I won’t link to anything specific.

My one question is: How will this affect Open webOS?

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