Google Books PDF Test

Special temporary top-of-page insert for eInk (images upgraded to Retina resolution via Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 screensnaps):




This is a new Page so I can use it whenever I’m in a store and need to do the test.

If you have a tablet or phone and want to do it, go ahead. A video on YouTube I could embed in a post would be great too. With everyone having a video-capable cellphone these days, I’m surprised I’m the only one doing these.

Prior Google Book PDF Tests category


Foxit Mobile PDF [Android]
[not the latest version; used in case Google Play access unavailable]

APK Downloader
[requires Google Play Store link; can be used to get the latest version of Foxit]

Google Drive: December 9, 2015 of AnTuTu (v6.x?)

Software via APK Downloader links: (July 9, 2015)

Update: When I tested the below APK Downloader links in the field, I was presented with a Session Timeout message. Just click the green button to re-generate the download link. Also, sometimes the download link wouldn’t work depending on how screwed-up a tablet was that had the Google Play Store on it. Maybe I should eventually just put these in my Google Drive, but that’d yield obsolete versions too quickly.


Google PDF Viewer

Foxit MobilePDF – PDF reader

PDF Max Free – #1 PDF Reader!

ezPDF Reader Free Trial

SmartQ Reader
Google Drive alternate: SmartQ Reader

PDF Reader (Ivan Ivanenko)

PDF Reader (pickwick santa)

PDF Reader (seekele)

qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader Free

NEW: App Freezer (No Root)
Google Drive: App Freezer (No Root)

NEW: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 wallpaper [Google Drive]

Test PDFs

American Magazine condensed iOS version [38 MBs]

The American Magazine 89 [290 MBs]

Surface Japan [13 MBs]

Optional PDFs

The King in Yellow [6 MBs]

Fairy Tales from the Far North [30 MBs]

The People of the Abyss [7 MBs]

Thunderbirds Are Go 1966 [48 MBs]

The Thinking Machine [3.5 MBs]

Secret Service: The Bradys: The Queen of Chinatown [8.7 MBs]

LIFE January 1966 (Retina?) [36 MBs]

LIFE July 1969 Moon (Retina?) [31.5 MBs]

Comic Books

Comics Reader app (Kervala)

PDF – Stuntman [20 MBs]

CBZ – Stuntman [44MBs]

PDF – New Gods [14 MBs]

CBR – New Gods [10 MBs]

Device Check

Root Checker [Google Drive]

SuperSU [Google Drive]


Bluelight screen filter app [Google Drive]

Graffiti for Android 2.0.6 [Google Drive]

Typical X.264 MP4 test video [Google Drive]

Typical Commercial PDF [Google Drive]

FBReader [Google Drive]

Aldiko [Google Drive]

Sample dotEPUB file one [Google Drive]

Sample dotEPUB file two [Google Drive]


7 responses to “Google Books PDF Test

  1. Mike,
    I know you don’t like Windows OS, but you should really take a look at this video at around 17:50, where he shows PDF performance on the Lenovo Thinkpad 8 tablet. I’m not a fan of the port placement on this tablet, but it is a very nice tablet. This is now on my watch list with MiPad, iFive’s MX2, and the Ramos i9s. Video:

  2. anabrang

    Have you consider using XODO DOCS?
    So far, I’m satisfied with the quality and speed when using this app.
    I think, this could be one of the best pdf reader in Android.

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