New Image Of MiPad 2: Still An iPad Mini Clone?


Xiaomi published a picture of the Mi Pad 2 and no one noticed

I didn’t notice because I no longer check Weibo every day and the tablet will be announced tomorrow.

And with an Intel CPU, this isn’t going to have a record-setting AnTuTu score.


Same-day update after the break.

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The Expanse: Episode One


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The Solution To All Those Retina-Sized Images

All the ones I have that I can’t run here due to shrinking image storage space.

Their own damned blog: Mike Cane Retina (tentative title; will probably be Mike Cane’s Retina Dump).

That’s not the template I’ll use. Just a fugly placeholder (and STFU about my WordPress avatar; that’s Mike Mercury of Supercar).

And I’m not starting it until next week. (Or so I think.)

I have new iPad Pro images from this weekend that were hell to get stored online somewhere. They’re just so massive!

I’m leaving this post as a Sticky until I start the other blog, otherwise I’m bound to forget.

I’ll work out how I arrange things over the coming days. Don’t bother peeking. You’re bound just to see a mess until I’m ready.

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Thunderbirds Are Go: The Music


With a side note first: After making such a big deal out of female team member Kayo, why wasn’t she included in this episode? It seems this was something Covert Ops would have tried to safeguard.

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Colorfly Again Pushes “Nexus 8”


Colorfly sends out more press material trying to capitalize on past confusion that American and European sites reported as a possible “Nexus 8” tablet.

It’s not. It’ll be called the Hero 8 and is a new Colorfly tablet.

Only IMP3Net is publishing the press material with attribution of its source: Colorfly [Google Translate].

Previously here:

Colorfly Google Tablet Was A Hoax
Nexus 8 Photos Leaked: Yes, It’s From Colorfly
New Nexus 8: iPad Mini Clone From Colorfly?!

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The Player: Episode Nine


This might be the final episode of the series. Comcast/NBC idiots.

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The Blacklist: Season Three, Episode Eight


That title card is so damn wrong.

1) Red never heard of them before this episode.

2) They’re a bunch of bottom-feeding yokels. Blacklisters? Really?

It’s a lack of imagination that gave them a ranking. They should have been “off-list” or “not listed.”

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Prior MiPad 2 Image Another Fake: MiPad 2 Is iPad Mini Clone With Metal Back

Well, I got snookered this time like everyone else. Unless Xiaomi plans to introduce two tablets next week, the prior image I ran of the white plastic one was yet another fake.



That’s the President of Xiaomi, who has been putting out some spoilers of next week’s conference via Weibo. And that image is definitely of a tablet.

See also GizmoChina’s coverage: New Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Render Reveals Metal Unibody Design

Xiaomi’s “Grand Finale” product announcement is next week, Tuesday, November 24.


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Image-Locked Again

Once again, I’ve used up all image storage space WordPress provides for free (3GBs).

I’ll have to find some previous post images to de-Retina-ize.

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Best Buy Now Sells An 8.9-Inch Windows 10 Insignia Tablet

I saw the box for this yesterday at Best Buy. No demo model out (yet?).


Insignia – Flex – 8.9″ – Tablet – 32GB – Black

Unspecified quad-core Intel Atom CPU, 8.9-inch screen at 1920 x 1200, 2GBs of RAM, 32GBs of storage.

I know some people earlier on were considering an 8.9-inch tablet from China. So here it is in America now, probably no better than what you can order from China.

Best Buy is flooding their stores with craptabs. They, along with Amazon’s new eye-shredding non-Retina tablets, will ruin the market.

How soon will Best Buy have to stock Windows/Android dual-OS tablets to try to revive dead sales?

And I got curious about the Digiland tablets Best Buy stocks. The trademark owner is none other than Lightcomm, the maker of the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85!

If Best Buy keeps on this path, they’ll have to rebrand to Best Buy From China.

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