Self-Publishing? READ!

This was a post of its own, but since I keep having to refer people to it, I thought I’d make my life easier by making it easier for me to find.

Two Books Self-Publishers MUST Buy [link to original post]

Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide To Formatting Books For The Amazon Kindle [non-affiliate Amazon link]

That also has a Kindle Formatting website.

EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders [non-affiliate Amazon link]

That has a background website.

When I read posts such as this — Is Amazon Too Big for Kindle? — whining about formatting problems, it tends to get up my nose.

There are books out there to Help You Do This.

These two books are by absolute experts.

Now go buy them, read them, and use them!

Update: And if you don’t want to have to be a techie just to be a writer, cut to the chase and hire Moriah Jovan to format your book.

Update 2: A word on using PDFs to create a Kindle book