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Polaroid, Edwin Land: Gone In An Instant

Over the weekend, I listened to an MP3 conversion of a talk at Google by Christopher Bonanos.

He wrote Instant: The Story of Polaroid.

It’s difficult to imagine such a massive company hitting the rocks and sinking so quickly.

But consumer videotape was the rock that sunk Polaroid like a corporate Titanic.

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I’m Positive I Want To Read This Book

Thanks to writer Mitch Horowitz, who left a Comment under one of my many Napoleon Hill posts. The URL led me to his website, which led me to his book:


One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life

There’s a book trailer. I usually don’t like these, but this one is quite good.

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“Landed. Killed Germans. Fucked Off.”

Kill without mercy, party like there’s no tomorrow: Churchill’s secret band of fearless warriors broke hearts, rules — and the Nazis’ spirit

In Italy in 1945, one regular officer told Lassen that he and his wild bunch were a disgrace. What, he thundered, would the enemy think of them, if they were found not just dead, but unshaven? It is certainly true he was no respecter of bureaucratic authority. After every raid, he and other key commanders were supposed to file an operational report. But he detested all such paperwork and his reports famously consisted of no more than five words: ‘Landed. Killed Germans. F***ed off.’

Now there’s a book I want to read.

But as seems to be usual for book publishing, it’s out of print and also not available as an eBook.

Thanks to @kinseyholley for the tip


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Recommended Reading For Donald Trump


Writer Denise Mina recommended that to me years ago.

Now it’s your turn, Trump.

Previously here:

Epic Troll Makes News
EPIC Trolling

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The Story Of Xiaomi By Liwan Jiang

“By far the most authoritative on [Xiaomi], most thorough, most comprehensive book!” according to the Weibo communique. Handwritten preface by Lei Jun.


Additional information at the Xiaomi forum [Google Translate]. Someone needs to publish this in English ASAP.

Update, October 30, 2014: This book was written by Xiaomi co-founder Liwan Jiang. I have changed the post title to reflect that. Lei Jun did preface. not the entire book.

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Free eBook: Edison’s Conquest of Mars

Just that title! How could anyone not want this?

Edison’s Conquest of Mars

Edison’s Conquest of Mars is an 1898 science fiction novel by American astronomer and writer Garrett P. Serviss. It was written as a sequel to Fighters from Mars, an unauthorized and heavily altered version of H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds. It has a place in the history of science fiction for its early employment of themes and motifs that later became staples of the genre.

The book was endorsed by Thomas Edison, the hero of the book, though not by Wells. Set after the devastating Martian attack in the previous story, the novel depicts Edison leading a group of scientists to develop ships and weapons, including a disintegration ray, for Earth’s defense.

Free at Project Gutenberg.


ZPi Blog: Edison’s Conquest of Mars

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Succeeding With What You Have


Succeeding with What You Have by Charles M. Schwab

This is more of a pamphlet than a book. However, it’s one that public domain parasites haven’t yet managed to DMCA away from Google Books.

If you have any interest in Andrew Carnegie (or Napoleon Hill, who mentioned Schwab), it’s worth a download to get for free.

It’s not available at the Internet Archive, so for those outside of the U.S., use this Google Docs link.


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The Leisure Hour: 1904

The Leisure Hour, page 689:

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Alien Chicks In Citrus Bras

Sometimes you come across a book title that is so WTF, you have to get it:

I got that yesterday from the Kindle Store. It was free then. Today, it’s ninety-nine cents.

But I’m doing this post because of a random bit I stumbled across while checking out the formatting.

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Free PDF Book About Google Plus

What the Plus!

1987 was the last time I wrote a book about a product (The Macintosh Way). After using Google+ for a few months, I felt the need to write another product-oriented book. This book explains “what the plus” makes Google+ as special as Macintosh.

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