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Quote Of The Day: Lefsetz

HuffPo Cheats

Stop listening to the suits. Stop getting in bed with corporations who will use and abuse you. Don’t compromise. Focus on your art. If you’re truly good, people will find you. Because there are very few good things in this world and so much of what is sold is crap purveyed by lying, cheating, scumbags.


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Why Apple Must Fail For Anyone Else To Win

This is how it is:!/mikecane/statuses/41664864451702784

And this is why it is like that:

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Rubicon: Script Of Episode 1, Pilot

Well, I’m shocked. A reader who goes under the handle of wow casanova found the script to the pilot of Rubicon online!

This is pure Jason Horwitch, his original vision, and it’s very different than what ultimately aired on AMC-TV.

I won’t spoil it. Just go read it and you’ll wonder what Rubicon would have been like if it had followed the path of this script.

I’m posting the PDF of it here for everyone to download and read. Notice how much smaller in size this file is compared to the paper ones I scanned. Apparently this is a PDF version of the original script from Horwitch’s own keyboard!

Rubicon_1x01_-_Pilot [72K] <– Right Click and Save As…

I have more Rubicon posts to come. I can’t publish them until I get clearance. Be patient. More surprises ahead for every Rubicon fan — original and new ones!

Previously here:

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Welcome To My World

Photographed today, February 27, 2011, in my neighborhood.

These I’m embedding full-size. Click to make large to read, if you have the guts to do it.

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Asus Eee Note Name And Hardware Revamp — And Kobo Books!

When Engadget first did a story about what is now the Asus Eee Note, it had a different name and a different design.

It was oddly called the Asus Eee Tablet.

Now it’s more sensibly called the Asus Eee Note.

Beyond that, Asus did a very significant hardware change.

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Now This Is A Poster

Keep Calm and Read a Book, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.


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QR Code On A Kobo Reader

Well, this is unusual. I’m wondering now if a sticker like that is actually a good idea. It can link to owner information on the Net if it gets lost.

Kobo Wifi, originally uploaded by Cloned Milkmen.


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Kobo Reader: US$79.99 At Closing Borders

At the Borders that is closing at 101 Broadway in Manhattan, Wall Street area. Photos taken today, February 26, 2011:

Click = big

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Reference: Getting Larger Flickr Photo Embeds

Problem: Flickr’s new Blog This HTML only links to these photos sizes: 500px, Medium, Small, and Thumbnail.

It’d drive me crazy, not being able to get a photo that fit the template width. 500 px is too wide and would get cut off. Medium is just too small.

To the rescue:

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Writer Gérard de Nerval on the Sony Reader Pocket Touch:

I think he would have gotten a huge kick out of seeing that.

Previously here:

HowTo: Sony Reader Screensavers

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