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Interesting Articles In China

These are all from Digital Tail (or Tale; it’s ambiguous…).

The Mini-Segway from Nineboot — of interest to people thinking about hoverboards [Google Translate].

INXNI Roomba-like robot cleaner — China wants the whole world of consumer electronics [Google Translate].

Huawei Mate 8 — the Lust Phone [Google Translate].

That weird Qwerkywriter keyboard — anyone have this? [Google Translate]

16GB Android version of the MiPad 2 — lots of beauty shot [Google Translate]



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Stylepie LED Hard Warmer

This is … very weird.

An LED hand warmer!


I found it by accident on Weibo.

It’s from a company called Stylepie, which might need watching. They do very colorful and very rounded product designs.

But an LED hand warmer? Can such a beast work? How long could it last? As long as the 8-10 hours of a HotHands package?

Surprisingly, Amazon carries some Stylepie products. But not this one.

Same-day update after the break.

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USB-C Cautions

Not all USB Type C cables are equal: A Googler tells you which to avoid

But USB Type-C is still a new technology… and while you can find plenty of cables and adapters available for purchase, it turns out not all of them work the the way you’d expect. Not sure which one to buy? A Google employee is here to help.

I took my first trip to Micro Center in Brooklyn yesterday. I marveled at a brand-name USB-C to USB cable adapter that was going for US$22.95! My god!

(I went there to buy a US$9.99 card r/w for the CLIE’s Memory Stick. Wound up buying one that was priced at US$14.99, on sale for US$5.99. And it also had 3 USB ports! Seeing all the choices not available at Best Buy was a bit of a shock!)

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Ramos Announces A Robot



Here’s a robot from Ramos you (probably) want to take home for no reason

Go on. Tell me again how these are “tablet companies.”

Previously here:

Chinese Tablets? Next!

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Ramos MOS1 Max Phone: US$440

RAMOS MOS 1 Max announced full specifications

I’ll just let PadNews give the deets in a short Weibo, which is all this is worth to me:


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OPPO To Do Six-Inch Phone


A couple new OPPO phones just got TENAA certified

The R7s Plus will be, as you might’ve guessed, an extension to the R7 series that OPPO has been aggressively pushing in the market of late. It’ll be an upgrade to the OPPO R7s (which just went live a few days back) with an interesting specs set — there’ll be an octa-core 1.5GHz processor (most likely the Snapdragon 615), 3GB of RAM, a 6-inch AMOLED 1920 x 1080p FHD display, 32GB on-board storage, Android 5.1.1-based ColorOS ROM, a 13 mega-pixel rear camera and an 8 mega-pixel front facing camera.

If the 6-inch screen isn’t indication enough, dimensions of 158.18×82.3×7.75 mm confirm that the R7s Plus won’t really be a petite device.

What Sony has failed to do, the Chinese will do. Just as I’ve been saying.

And as for that Sony Xperia C5 Ultra with a six-inch screen that Sony won’t release in the U.S.? There might be a very good reason if an Amazon customer review is true. The phone is a lemon!

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The Ramos MOS1 Max Phone Is Next Week


Despite the fact this probably won’t work outside of China, it still interests me because phones with six-inch (and slightly above) screens are rare. Sony dropped the ball in this area. Even the new Nexus 6P is a lousy 5.7 inches instead of a full six! And where the hell is the rumored Axon Max with its six-inch screen?

Previously here:

Ramos MOS1 Max Phone To Do Splitscreen
Ramos Teases Mos1 Max Phone

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Onda Announced Its Notebook

Back on the 17th, apparently. All the chaos surrounding me caused me to miss it.

This isn’t a device that interests me.

See this coverage, via Google Translate links:

IMP3Net: Onda oBook11 release price of only 999 yuan

IMP3Net: Onda oBook Series Super this oBook11 exposure

PadNews: Onda oBook11 notebook release, Version 32GB 999 元

Note that Google Translate is sometimes temperamental. If the links don’t work immediately, keep trying.

Previously here:

Onda Teases Notebook!

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No MiPad 2: Xiaomi Announces Another Damn TV

I was forced to start the day late due to IRL shit. So glad now. My disappointment is tempered.

See the coverage elsewhere:

GizChina: 60″ Xiaomi Mi TV 3 launched, does 4K for $780

GizmoChina: The Super Thin Xiaomi Mi TV 3 Is official with a stunning 60-inch 4K Panel from LG

Neowin: Xiaomi launches Android-powered Mi TV 3 with 60-inch 4K display for less than $800

Xiaomi also entered the alternate transportation business: Ninebot mini is Xiaomi’s first self-balancing scooter for $315

This company is like the boy who cried wolf. Announce the damn tablet or …

My thinking is that they have to do it soon. Do they want to miss all those 11/11 sales?

Previously here:

Xiaomi’s Pre-Announcement Marketing Highlights Separateness


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Xiaomi Gloves

No, not a joke.



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