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Amazon Tweaking Its Design?

Two related searches, just moments apart, yield different Amazon page designs.

Click = big

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Amazon Just Wants To Bleed Money

Amazon announces plans to make movies for theaters, Prime streaming

And Amazon’s not exactly starting small; it plans to produce up to 12 movies each year as part of the new initiative, and those efforts will kick off in earnest later this year.

Bezos must be drunk.

Lew Grade — a several-decade entertainment veteran who gave the world an entire roster of immortal TV programs — let his ego run away and he got into movies.

It was a disaster that basically ended his career.

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Wannabe Neverbe “Writers” Whine Against Amazon

Amazon Offers All-You-Can-Eat Books. Authors Turn Up Noses.

Let me fix the headline: Shitheads Who Have No Business Writing Whine Their Free Ride Is Ending

On Twitter, I railed against that article.

I’m publishing those tweets here. Because fuck you.

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Amazon: “We Win, You Lose.”

Escape from Stalag $7: Why Amazon’s Pricing Box Is Bad for Indies

But after all the fireworks and fun, the one thing I never ever received from AAAG were coherent answers to my questions, particularly the most important one of all. And that is: Why has Amazon placed indies in a $7 dollar pricing box? Why does it grab 65% of your revenue (not counting its transmission fees, which it charges on every transfer and which vary based on book size) if you price under $2.99 and the same if you charge over $9.99? This is an issue of critical importance to indies because it is not financially feasible to hand over that level of margin to a reseller for a download service. (And if you think Amazon is paying you a “royalty” when you fork over that 65% operating expense, please stop reading now. You are incurably ignorant and I cannot help you.)

Generally I tend to stay the fuck away from publishing these days. Why continue to bang my head against a wall?

But sometimes a post rises to the level of requiring reading by others.

The above is such a post.

Amazon isn’t concerned about how many books it sells as being good for writers. It wants to sell as many books as possible because it’s good for Amazon.

If Amazon could sell fifty-seven billion books yet have each writer make only a dollar in a year, that’d suit Amazon just fine.

And while I focus on Amazon here — because the originating post is about it — this holds true for all companies that have managed to create a stranglehold in any area.


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Hyphen Hate? When Amazon went to war against punctuation.


This is just nuts. Amazon loves books? Do they know how to read any?

Originally posted on Graeme Reynolds's Blog:

10520828_935072746511716_41317665270618143_nThis is a really strange blog post to have to write, simply because the situation is absurd. It would be comedic, really, if the situation was not costing me money and resulted in one of my best-selling books being unavailable in the run up to the busiest time of the year.

Let me tell you a little story.

I was sitting in front of my computer on Friday night, as is often the case, talking to friends on Facebook, randomly browsing things that seemed interesting and, in this particular case, attending the launch party for Chantal Noordeloos’s latest Coyote book, when I had an email notification arrive in my inbox from Kindle Direct Publishing.

The email was titled rather ominously as
Kindle Quality Notice: High Moor 2: Moonstruck – B00BVC7MKW

Now – Moonstruck has been out for around 18 months now. It’s done well for itself and, at the time…

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Amazon Pop-Up Store: San Francisco

Thanks to Dan for getting these for me:

Pictures after the break.

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Amazon Leases Entire NYC Building

Amazon to Lease Entire Manhattan Building, Hinting at Retail Ambitions agreed to lease 470,000 square feet of space in midtown Manhattan from Vornado Realty Trust, including a site people familiar with the matter say will serve as a same-day shipping hub, warehouse and the company’s first customer-facing brick-and-mortar location.

The Seattle e-commerce giant has agreed to lease the space for 17 years, according to a statement from Vornado Thursday. The Wall Street Journal last month reported Amazon’s plans for the brick-and-mortar location, on one of Manhattan’s busiest commercial streets.

And it’s the place I visited earlier: No Evidence Of Amazon Store In NYC

Apparently Amazon’s ambitions are far grander than a mere pop-up store for the holidays.

I wonder how soon there will be Amazon delivery bicycles zooming around Manhattan?

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Amazon Wins Again

Amazon and Hachette Resolve Dispute

Amazon and Hachette announced Thursday morning that they have resolved their differences and signed a new multiyear contract, bringing to an official end one of the most bitter publishing conflicts in recent years.

Neither side gave details of the deal, but both pronounced themselves happy with the terms. Hachette gets the ability to set the prices on its e-books, which was a major battleground in the dispute.

“This is great news for writers,” said Michael Pietsch, Hachette’s chief executive.

Keep dreaming. It’s “good news” only for Hachette.

All the writers who couldn’t shut the fuck up during this are now on The Blacklist.

Actual photo of Jeff Bezos thanking one of the writers who turned against him:


Now you know what he means when he says, “Let’s do some business together.”

Y’all better hope Jack Ma of Alibaba loves books …

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No Evidence Of Amazon Store In NYC

I was in the area today and remembered to go check it out.


Ah! The pumpkins! Will their excitement be … ermmmm … kindled?

I think not.

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Amazon Gets dotBOOK Domain

Amazon wins auction for .book domain name

Let’s see what good it does them.

Previously here:

Comment On The gTLD dotBOOK Domain Grab
Who’s After the dotBOOK Top Level Domain
Today’s Edition Of Me-Too Media

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