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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Nook Edition: Screens

Anyone who wants to get a better idea of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 by being able to actually hold it should stop in a Barnes & Noble. Their tablets aren’t clamped down as they are at Best Buy.

But be prepared for a frustrating run-in with the same damned Samsung Retail apps that clog up the tablet and end test sessions as at Best Buy. I was doing this post there, had it in progress, when the Retail app killed my session and I lost the entire post. I was never even able to successfully re-connect with WordPress!

Now the screens…

Home screen:


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The Digital Incompetency Of Barnes & Noble Reaches Its Predestined Finale


This is the first word, behind a paywall.

More to follow and I will update this post.

Same-day update: The trouble with paywalls is the inability to get the whole story. And the whole story is that the Nook is not dead. Ownership was transferred from one corporate entity — Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. — to another corporate entity, Barnes & Noble, Inc.. Mere paperwork. The Nook business is not dead. Yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes away in 2016, after it’s been milked dry for the 2015 holiday sales.


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Pipo P1: First Review


It’s at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

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So This Is How The Nook Ends

Samsung and Barnes & Noble Announce Partnership to Create Co-Branded Tablets

The companies are expected to introduce Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK in a 7-inch version in the U.S. in early August. The co-branded tablets will be prominently displayed along with NOOK eReaders and sold at Barnes & Noble’s nearly 700 bookstores across the U.S. and online at, one of the leading e-commerce sites.

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Amazon Finally Wins In eBooks

Kobo objects to potentially “devastating” Competition Bureau agreement on agency pricing

By analogy, in the US, when Agency Lite was brought into existence, Kobo saw its net revenues steadily decline. Kobo has since stopped investing in marketing in the US, closed its office in Chicago and is focusing on other markets. Its market share and revenues are now negligible there.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Well, there it is. What I’ve thought was the case for at least the past year.

B&N’s Nook division goes into a death-spiral of losses.

Sony pulls out and sends it eBook customers to Kobo.

Now Kobo is saying it has basically written off the American market.

That leaves Amazon as undisputed winner.

Tell me again how ePub 3 is going to save everyone from Amazon…

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The Nook RT Lives. But Nook Is Dead.

Multiple reports out of China — which should be considered official leaks from Microsoft because that’s how the Chinese roll — indicate that the long-rumored Nook RT is still coming [Google Translate, Google Translate, Google Translate].

Or at least a cheap Windows RT tablet is.

Microsoft hasn’t given up its goal of shoving RT down the throats an OS running on an ARM CPU and has decided to partner with Inventec and Allwinner.

Inventec does crappy industrial design.

Allwinner makes second-tier CPUs that require cheating at AnTuTu to sell as tablets.

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Nano-Fondle: Nook Glowlight

Photos taken yesterday Friday November 8, 2013. Resampled and resized to VGA, click any to enlarge.

In between having to do other things in Manhattan yesterday, I popped into the Barnes & Noble I usually go to and fondled the new Nook Glowlight.


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Barnes & Noble’s New, Dumber, Final Nook

It’s fitting that Barnes & Noble (or Nook Media, or whoever the hell they are now) made this latest eInk Nook device white.

White like a tombstone.

They did away with the microSD card slot. Thus making the prior model more useful to people than this one.

This isn’t even worth my time to grab someone else’s photo. Go see it here:

Engadget: Barnes & Noble’s Nook GlowLight is lighter, brighter, whiter, with less Simple Touch for $119

The Verge: Barnes & Noble’s new Nook GlowLight is lighter, faster, and full of ideas

Techcrunch: Barnes & Noble Outs The $119 Nook GlowLight, We Go Hands-On

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Barnes & Noble Tries To Un-Titanic Nook Media

Barnes & Noble Reports Fiscal 2014 First Quarter Financial Results

The NOOK segment, which consists of the company’s digital business (including devices, digital content and accessories), reported revenues of $153 million for the quarter, a decrease of 20.2% from a year ago. Device and accessories sales were $84 million for the quarter, a decrease of 23.1% from a year ago, due to lower unit selling volume. Digital content sales were $69 million for the quarter, a decline of 15.8% compared to a year ago, due in part to lower device unit sales as well as the comparison to The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades of Grey trilogies. Excluding the impact of these two titles, digital content sales decreased 6.9%.

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This Just Happened

ROI for Microsoft’s dollars or a sign of a Microsoft acquisition of Nook Media after all?

Same-day update: Nope, it’s part of a two-tweet promo. I missed the first tweet:


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