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The Teclast-Onda Weibo War Continues



And that goes to the Onda BBS [Google Translate].

Teclast is accused of making fraudulent claims for its battery capacity, tablet thickness, non-AAC speakers, and some other things that are in Chinese embedded in photos that can’t be translated.

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Nokia N1 Used To Smash Walnuts


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The Lowest Bastards Are Book Burners

Because they promote ignorance. And ignorance leads to all other evils and ills.

Iraqi libraries ransacked by Islamic State group in Mosul

When Islamic State group militants invaded the Central Library of Mosul earlier this month, they were on a mission to destroy a familiar enemy: other people’s ideas.

Residents say the extremists smashed the locks that had protected the biggest repository of learning in the northern Iraq town, and loaded around 2,000 books — including children’s stories, poetry, philosophy and tomes on sports, health, culture and science — into six pickup trucks. They left only Islamic texts.

The rest?

“These books promote infidelity and call for disobeying Allah. So they will be burned,” a bearded militant in traditional Afghani two-piece clothing told residents, according to one man living nearby who spoke to The Associated Press.

We need a worldwide program to digitize every damn library.

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The China Loophole




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Spain: It Knows Not The Internet



Next-day update: The fun is over, kids. The image is a fake! As Gotty points to in Comments, see this link [Google Translate]. I should have known better.


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Grave-Robbing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Sequel to Stieg Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy set for 35 countries

This is the world as remade by lawyers. This is why movies are shit reboot after shit reboot. This is why TV does shit reboot after shit reboot. Art becomes “property,” like fucking real estate. Those who can’t do, who can never understand, rape the dreams of creators and turn them into whores for all the world to see.

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New Mi Note Killed With Fire


What a goddammed waste of money. And given its limited availability, imagine being one of the people who couldn’t get it watching this being done!

Surprisingly, the lithium battery never exploded.

The Toudou video.

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Someone Is Wrong About Xiaomi

Some Smartphone Sanity Please! Xiaomi is nice for China but its not the New Apple and it will not take over the world. There are at least 4 stronger Chinese phone manufacturers

Oh this is rather hilarious. I think someone got snubbed by Xiaomi.

Cutting to the chase:

And lastly there is Coolpad ie Yulong. This is a pure domestic smartphone brand like Xiaomi and 2,000 other domestic Chinese phone brands. But Coolpad entered the global Top 10 before Xiaomi did and started its global expansion some months before Xiaomi did. Yes, Coolpad is currently a bit smaller than Xiaomi but sells similar products in similar price points and has just about as much share in China currently. Rivals like Coolpad – there are dozens in the immediate next tier – will pressure Xiaomi in its domestic market and rush with Xiaomi to capture the nearby international markets like India, Pakistan, Russia, Vietnam, etc.

He published that on January 10, 2015. So he had no fucking excuse not to know this, from December 18, 2014: ALERT: Don’t Ever Buy The Coolpad Brand.

And he can bray all he wants about “carrier relationships.” Shit changes all the time. In my day, AT&T was broken up — and that was unthinkable. So extrapolating to tomorrow based on the system of today is, at least, folly, and, at worst, sheer idiocy.


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Remember The IBM Eleven Million



Never trust Google Translate to properly render numbers that originate in Chinese.


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Twitter Does Alerts The Wrong Way

The first time I’ve seen something called a Twitter Alert:


It was just dumped into my stream, hours ago, to scroll by like any other tweet.

On Weibo, there’s a fixed area where they put a dismissable ad.

Twitter should steal that idea for Twitter Alerts. An Alert is something important and shouldn’t just scroll by in a timeline. It should be there at the top where people see it first and can click to dismiss it after reading.

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