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Xiaomi + AOKP: HOAX!

News is going around that AOKP has teamed with Xiaomi on MIUI 7.

It’s a hoax.

No one bothered to translate the headline.

I did.


The hoax post that fooled many.

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How The Hell Does This Even Make Any Sense?!


A guy wins $500 on a scratch-off lottery ticket. His girlfriend wants some. He doesn’t want to share. He shoots her and then shoots himself dead. She later dies at the hospital.

Neither one of them gets the money.

This country is spinning into a whirlpool of insanity.

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This Is Exactly How They Think


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Windows 10 And New Small Tablets

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Spotify: I Really Hope This Is Not True

I have a ton of playlists I assembled and created at Spotify, using the free service.

If free is going away, are they going to just erase all that work?

The music labels are a bunch of greedy parasite bastards. Doing away with free Spotify will only send everyone back to piracy.


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HTC Tablet? No Then, No Now.



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Memo To Xiaomi’s Lin Bin: Everyone Is Biased Against Crap



Biased? Please. If scourging crap like the Trio tablet is being “biased,” then I’m all for it.

Instead of kissing-up to the lamestream — and mostly corrupt — tech media, Lin, why not try to replicate what Xiaomi accomplished in China by going directly to users and to those who have shown an interest in your products?

But if you expect me or anyone else to give Xiaomi a free pass on the Balmuda design theft, you better think twice!

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Sony: Still Out Of Their Damned Mind

I went to the SonyStyle Store in NYC yesterday.

I’m very curious about the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra that Best Buy is selling for US$249 (note that the website price of US$299 is incorrect).

But all they have are dummy units. I really wanted to experience that TriLuminous screen.

So, to their store.

It was a miserable experience.

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The New Game Show: Who Wants To Apply For A Job?

Why I Won’t Go on Any More Tech-Job Interviews

I’m not a trained seal any more. I won’t go to any more demeaning, dehumanizing, pompous-nonsense interviews. Lunch? Sure. Phone interview? Yeah, of course. Tests? Maybe. I can see where an employer might want to verify, with a practicum, that I know skills applicable to the specific job at hand. Fair enough.

But sit me down in a room with some wise ass asking me how I’d determine the number of window panes in New York City, or some shit like that? F*ck the hell off. Just get the hell out.

Before that kind of bullshit, recruiters would want you to come in so they could “look you over.” As if you were a fucking car they were deciding to buy based on its appearance. I told them to shove that up their ass years ago.

I don’t play well with other people?

I don’t play well with fucking spoiled brats and morons. Life is too fucking short for that shit.

I console myself in the firm knowledge that everyone who dishes out that kind of shit is going to be on the receiving end of even worse one day.

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Ignorance And Hubris In Silicon Valley

How Silicon Valley Shapes Our Future

In such a worldview, politics and policymakers are the great enemy because they slow down progress. “Rules are made to cement existing structures,” Thrun says. “We are trying to circumvent them.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

He’s absolutely ignorant of social history and doesn’t even realize it.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

Their findings led to thirty-eight new laws regulating labor in New York state, and gave each of them a reputation as leading progressive reformers working on behalf of the working class. In the process, they changed Tammany’s reputation from mere corruption to progressive endeavors to help the workers. New York City’s Fire Chief John Kenlon told the investigators that his department had identified more than 200 factories where conditions made a fire like that at the Triangle Factory possible. The State Commissions’s reports helped modernize the state’s labor laws, making New York State “one of the most progressive states in terms of labor reform.” New laws mandated better building access and egress, fireproofing requirements, the availability of fire extinguishers, the installation of alarm systems and automatic sprinklers, better eating and toilet facilities for workers, and limited the number of hours that women and children could work. In the years from 1911 to 1913, sixty of the sixty-four new laws recommended by the Commission were legislated with the support of Governor William Sulzer.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The overarching “existing structure” of everything is human beings. If you don’t understand that, you shouldn’t have the power to do anything.

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