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The Worst Google Books Scan Ever

I’ve seen some doozies, but this is the absolute worst.


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Samsung: Charging More For Less = Fewer Sales, Less Profits

Galaxy A8 prices start at north of $500

Hahahahahahaha. No.

This is a US$350 device, period. There’s now real competition from Alcatel, Asus, and LG, to name just three.

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Amazon’s “Sub-Optimus” Prime Day A Joke In Asia Too

Amazon Prime Day disappointment highlights Alibaba’s superiority

An ecommerce battle between the two would be waged on a variety of fronts, but after watching the Prime Day debacle, it’s hard to imagine that Alibaba won’t have the upper hand when it comes to marketing and promotional events and sales. After the folks at Amazon clean up the PR mess that was Wednesday’s Prime Day, they really ought to take a long hard look at Singles Day to find out what they should have done.

Amazon’s Prime Day was a disaster.

Not even their Kindle Paperwhite was on sale! How does that even make any marketing sense? They would have made up any loss in hardware profit with eBook profits. All those people who are still hanging onto their old Kindles would’ve jumped to upgrade.

Anyway, China’s 11/11 day has nothing to fear.

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Asus Violates Rule One: Don’t Confuse The Market!

Asus ZenPad S 8.0 is now available to buy in the US for $199.99

Interestingly, Best Buy says it’s selling the Z580C model of the Asus ZenPad S 8.0, but the specs it lists are actually those for one iteration of the Z580CA. We assume Asus’ naming conventions have managed to confuse even this well known retailer.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I didn’t even look at the listed specs!

A reality check is in order.

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Yes, Blocking And Burning Someone On Twitter Who Turned Stupid

Is Anything Better Than Not Knowing What Stupid Thing Twitter Is Angrily Jerking Off About?

And now this idiocy …


… if talking about the size of something is now verboten, just burn down the entire fucking nation. It’s all over.

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Director Danny Boyle’s Casting Innovations


With the movie Steve Jobs, director Danny Boyle threw away that silly notion that the star must at all resemble the real-life subject.

That’s just silly, uncreative, and, well, dammit, creatively fascistic.

Boyle has announced that he loved doing the Steve Jobs movie so much that he’s got several more movies with real-life subjects in them.

See the casting reveals after the break.

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Where Is Steve Jobs In The New Steve Jobs Movie?


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Man Ruins New Samsung S6 Phone Imitating Walnuts Video


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Not The Hero We Deserve

T-Mobile won’t disclose how many government data demands it gets

In an email, a T-Mobile spokesperson said a transparency report was “something we are considering,” but added they “don’t have a timeline on this decision right now.”

Batman Up, Legere, or just fuck off into the bowels of Comcast where you won’t even rank as Court Jester.

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I Can’t Even Give This Post An Apt Title

Huge Loss For Free Speech In Europe: Human Rights Court Says Sites Liable For User Comments

The ruling is about as bad as you can imagine. It is absolutely going to chill free expression across Europe. Things are a bit confusing because the EU Court of Justice has actually been much more concerned about issues of intermediary liability, and this ruling contradicts some of those rulings, but since the two courts are separate and not even part of the same system, it’s not clear what jurisdiction prevails. It is quite likely, however, that many will seize upon this European Court of Human Rights ruling to go after many websites that allow comments and free expression in an attempt to block it. It is going to force many sites to either shut down open comments, curtail forums or moderate them much more seriously.

For a Europe that is supposedly trying to build up a bigger internet industry, this ruling is a complete disaster, considering just how much internet innovation is based on enabling and allowing free expression.

I agree with this Comment over there:

This is just the rotten cherry on top of a huge pile of shit that has been building all over the world. We are fast approaching totalitarianism everywhere. Disguised yes but totalitarianism. You can’t have strong dissenting opinions from the established norm or you are a radical, a terrorist, an extremist. Just imagine a few key actors from the past in the environment of today. Or rather we don’t need to imagine since them too suffered from the same maladies. Still, the current environment is rapidly becoming much worse because at the same time there’s a generalized crackdown onto the open, spreading nature of the internet (that would have greatly helped such past characters) and at the same time technology and surveillance are advancing in an alarming pace. Technology per se is not an issue but the use of such technology to slash free expression and privacy that were conquered not long ago is simply terrifying.


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