Buying Advice!

I keep having to dig this up, so I’ve made it a Page now.

When you buy something cheap and bad, the best you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it. When you buy something expensive and good, the worst you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it.

via Groupon’s Success Disaster | Redfin Corporate Blog

Yeah, you can feel great buying something low-end. But after the initial vanity rush subsides, you’re going to regret using the damn thing every damn day and kick yourself for wasting that precious money. It’s always better to wait and save for the good stuff.

Update: Now with more advice!

Being Frugal Makes You A Loser

If you’re always buying cheap, generic crap, not only are you making your life miserable, you’re sending yourself a terrible message: “I’m not worth it.” Get used to quality. Get used to being worth it. You’ll be more successful if you do.


Even more than the benefit of buying something once and never having to think about it again, using shitty quality stuff is draining. It’s grating. It’s aggravating. It’s a huge waste of time. It shifts your focus away from your goal and focuses it on what a piece of shit this tool is, or how a monkey could have done a better job designing it. It also reinforces the mindset that you’re cheap. “Stuff is cheap, so I don’t need a lot of money.” “I’m happy with mediocrity.”

Update December 15, 2013: Because My Head Is Thick


8 responses to “Buying Advice!

  1. bobb

    If your sense of worth is measured by your belongings, you have “REALLY BIG” problems…. and buying expensive stuff ain’t going to fix it.

    • mikecane

      It stands for cheap stuff too. I know people with hoards of cheap things that have never been used. The thrill of buying is a measure of their self-esteem.

  2. bobb

    I agree, know people like that also.
    Have to be comfortable in your own skin.

  3. YNZAI

    The best feeling of buying a cheap thing is when the cheap thing turns out to be good.

    The worst feeling of buying an expensive thing is them the expensive thing turns out to be bad.

  4. bill bo

    Unless you pay the “expensive and good” thing off in installments.

  5. I bought MI 2S for my wife instead of Samsung this time. For same specs I would pay x2 for something from Samsung (S4 Mini e.g.). Quality wise it is on same level. It is even better on software side with their weekly updates. Now I am jealous as she does not allow me to play with it and I have to stick with my lagging first Note :(

  6. Tino

    Hi Mike, I have been roped into advising on tablets for a Charity that want to roll then out to schools in Africa.I came across your blog and would like to invite you to give some advice… If you have some time I would very much like to exchange some emails with you.

    Kind regards,


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