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The End?

This is the final blog post of 2015 and probably the final post for this blog too.

I’m too exhausted to think of my next move, so there might be a while before something develops.

Meanwhile, there’s some nifty stuff to read over at iPeople, Mike Cane Reads, and Mike Cane’s Retina Dump.

Over and out.



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Best Front Page Of 2015?

Not that I track such things, but this has to be up there.


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Blog Notes: No Year-End Review Stuff

I usually do year-end posts like these:

2014 Review: Blah Blah Blah

2014 Review: Deaths Noted

2014 Review: Posts You Should Still Read

There’s just no time for that this year. (To see who died, click here — but that will go past 2015 at some point to earlier years.)

Plus, with Media Library image storage space near zero again, I’m thinking about just ending this blog and starting another. But I have no title for it. Plus my motivation at the moment is low.

Tomorrow — December 31 — will be my last blogging day until next week. Let’s see if I can raise my spite level enough to create a new blog.


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R.I.P. Debian Founder Ian Murdock

Just what the fuck even happened?!!?

[UPDATED] Debian Founder Ian Murdock’s Tweets Are Raising Eyebrows

Debian founder and Docker employee Ian Murdock has died at 42

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Imagine An Apple Car

Coping With What Apple’s Become

Apple software’s gotten so aggressively stupid that I just don’t trust it any more, not even with utterly unremarkable, basic tasks


Imagine an Apple Car.

Then get the hell off the streets!

Yo, Tim Cook!

Previously here:

iPad Sales Continue To Fall: I Blame Tim Cook

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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: Someone Else Installs OMA’s ROM

Over at the ARCTablet forum, graphdarnell reports:

I was able to install Omas Rom following your instructions. So thank you for that. The RK tool Oma provided still doesn’t work. I wonder if there’s a way to flash the custom recovery via fastboot instead. Thanks again for your work.

Meanwhile, at what is usually a hotbed of hacking — XDA Developers — still crickets.

Previously here:

Prior Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 posts

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Onda OBook 10 Gets A Post

Onda’s bizarre tablet-notebook, the OBook 10, gets a post at the IMP3Net forum [Google Translate].

Life context, Obook10 lithium battery is 6000mAh, the 10-inch class flat for this capacity is not particularly large, the official nominal life of its integrated around six hours. After the actual fully charged, the system estimated available time is about 4 hours 30 minutes.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Even at 999 yuan (US$154), I don’t see this as being anything particularly tempting with such miserable battery life.

The Asus Chromebook Flip — which doesn’t have a screen that detaches from a keyboard — is a better battery-life bargain for the price.

Previously here:

Onda Announced Its Notebook
Onda Teases Notebook!
Asus Chromebook Flip

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CUBE i6 Air With Remix OS Gets Two Posts

Over at the IMP3Net forum, there are two posts about the CUBE i6 Air with Remix OS:

Google Translate: [Evaluation / disassemble] CUBE i6 Air Remix trial report – not perfect all-around tablet

This sucker is already obsolete:

As mentioned above, i6 Air Remix biggest highlights in its factory-equipped with a Remix OS operating system. Currently running version REMIX OS 1.0, the depth of customization based on Android 4.4 Kitkat. Based on the Android 5.0 Lollipop REMIX OS 1.5 and REMIX 2.0 systems have been released for months, but because Intel Z3735F temporarily can not be compatible with Android 5.0, i6 Air Remix users can temporarily use an earlier version of REMIX OS, and i6 Are Air Remix eventually get upgraded system is also inconclusive.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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No Surprise: Xiaomi MiPad 2 Sold Out

From various reports, including this one: 64 GB Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Tablet Sold Out in Less Than a Minute.

But what happened over in China, on all the Xiaomi Weibo accounts?


Not one single account mentioned it sold out! And they all usually brag about that!

Instead, today Lin Bin is braying about a Xiaomi Zone set up in a Suning store and Lei Jun is drooling over a surprise release of a MiTV3 with a godawful 70-inch screen!

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Installing OMA ROM On Insignia Flex Elite 7.85

bobb has posted instructions at the ARCTablet forum.

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