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Gemini Force One Is Go!

Click = big

Four days to go, but the original funding amount has been raised.

But, like I said, four days to go.

Go contribute.

Previously here:

Kickstarter: Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force One


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First Video Of Ramos K1 Tablet


As usual, a seller has posted the first video of a new tablet.

This time it’s the new Ramos K1 tablet. It has HTC One-like styling and the twin heartbreak of an Allwinner A31s CPU combined with just 1GB of RAM.

See the video and more after the break.

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Video: OMA’s ROM For Chuwi V88

OMA has probably single-handedly kept interest and sales of the Chuwi V88 alive through his massive work on his ROMs.

After the break, a demonstration of flashing his ROM and using it on a Chuwi V88.

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AnTuTu X: Re-Score Everything!

To Against Cheating Benchmark AnTuTu Release AnTuTu X Benchmark

I ratted out to AnTuTu Labs several detailed forum posts about how their benchmark was being subverted by cheating over in China. It seems they’ve now created AnTuTu X to thwart those, and other, methods.

From now on, don’t trust any benchmarks unless they’ve been done with AnTuTu X.

Their post is worth a read to see just how their benchmark was being abused for the commercial gain of manufacturers.

Important: If you have a tablet with the Allwinner A31s CPU, please download and run AnTuTu X. Leave the score in Comments — even better, if you can provide a link to a screensnap too, that would be more helpful.

Previously here:

Allwinner A31s AnTuTu Score Inflation
Chinese CPU Maker Actions Caught In AnTuTu Score Fraud
I’m Disgusted With China’s Cheating
Allwinner: Fraud Inside?
Latest A31s AnTuTu Scores Are Confounding
AnTuTu 3.4 Vs. 4.0
AnTuTu 4.0 Is Coming


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Vido’s New M8 iPad Mini Clone


An advertorial post at IMP3Net [Google English] pimps the new Vido M8 iPad Mini clone tablet and over at 1Pad they’re all “WTF? Haven’t we seen this before?” [Google English].

But 1Pad seems to be mistaken, probably based on an erroneous vendor listing. The new M8 uses a MediaTek 8377 CPU, not a Rockchip 3188. Also, it has just 1GB of RAM, a 4,000 mAh battery and I don’t see any mention of HDMI-out. They’re claiming an AnTuTu score in the 19,000-range. Harumph.

Update Sunday October 6, 2013: It turns out IMP3Net was wrong. This seems to be basically the Vido Mini One with just 1GB of RAM under a new M8 designation [Google English]

I won’t be covering this tablet further, as I continue to wind down my posts about Chinese iPad Mini clones here.


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Allwinner Octa CPU + Onda


1Pad reports that Allwinner will release an Octa-core CPU based on Samsung’s design and that Onda will be the first tablet maker to use it [Google English].

Guessing, I’d expect that CPU to wind up in something other than an Onda iPad Mini clone. At any rate, this won’t be available until November or December.


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Breaking Bad


Spoilers ahead.

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Ramos i9 Tablet Evaluated


ZOL gets its hands on a final engineering sample of what will be Ramos’ new flagship tablet, the i9 [Google English].

This is a 1920 x 1200 8.9-inch screen tablet with a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 CPU.

I note it because it could be a turning point in the way Chinese tablet makers do business and make tablets, if Ramos has any influence at all over others.

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Sony Abandons The Country That Made The Sony Reader Possible

Confirmed: The Sony PRS-T3 Won’t Be Released in the United States

Originally a flop in Japan as the Librie, it was the American Sony division that resurrected the device as the Sony Reader.

The Librie was also the device that inspired Jeff Bezos to create the Kindle.

While Sony bounced from incompetency to incompetency with its Reader, Amazon went from strength to strength with its Kindle.

And so here we are.

I’m not even going to bother to post all the related links from this and my other blogs. I’ve ignored the Reader for quite some time, so just let it rest in peace.

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Ramos K1 Tablet Unboxed

It still hasn’t been shipped yet, but PadHz has an unboxing of one without the final ROM [Google English].


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