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Dear SFWA Writers: Let’s Chat About Censorship & Bullying

another sfwa sexist gaffe

Feeling heat for your ideas is not censorship or thought-control

And speaking of the SFWA Bulletin column as referenced in that last link–I managed to get my hands on a scan of the column in question.” (Scroll down)


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How To Improve And Then Ruin An HKC Q79 Quest


Google English: [Review / disassemble] my palms I call the shots, one hand Mini Pad HKC-Q79 evaluation after the articles: Brief ROM with tragic disassemble

There’s talk there of using a streamlined ROM. And then some pictures of the HKC Q79 being ruined during disassembly.

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China: eBooks, Writers, And Writing

Something’s happening over there. I’m just not sure what or how right now. So these links for later.

Report: Qidian Founder Arrested, Ugly Rumors May Implicate Shanda, Tencent

iFanr/Google English: Network literature changes: pattern, channels and author are in the innovation eco-

Google English: Biography founder Lolli start commercial bribery detainees suspected war grand Tencent

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited

Shanda Snags Success

Shanda Literature: Making Money from Copyright

Wikipedia: Shanda and Guo Jingming

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Onda V818 Android 4.2.2 OTA Update Begins


The Over The Air update to Android 4.2.2 begins rolling out today.

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Everyone Is No One

Oh my god, don’t make things for “Everyone.”

“Everyone” isn’t an audience. “Everyone” is a byproduct of an incredibly successful thing that was made for a far more specific bunch of people. Don’t ever make something for “Everyone” make it for someone. And make that person love it.

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Acer Iconia A1 Unboxed, Fondled

It’s not just Chinese iPad Mini clones here.

Before they came along, I was looking at the Archos 80 Titanium and Archos 80 Platinum (the former in short supply, the latter still MIA just about everywhere) — which aren’t iPad Mini clones, just eight-inch tablets.

And now there’s the Acer Iconia A1 to consider.

The thing to notice in the unboxing video after the break: How freakin fast that complex web page renders. I really want to see the AnTuTu score for it and more web page examples.

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Chuwi V88 Disassembled

But it’s in a Chinese forum [Google English] with images that are blocked to people who aren’t registered.

Even worse: The registration process [Google English] requires a phone number and dealing with a Chinese CAPTCHA. But if you already have a QQ or Sina Weibo account, you can log in with those.

I will not see this post unless someone, um, clones it somewhere.

Update May 30 2013: IMP3Net has published photos from that forum post [Google English].

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Kindle Launches In China May 31st

From the 1Pad post [Google English]:

According to the latest news, current Kindle Paperwhite eBook, Kindle Fire tablet basic price has been determined. Which, Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi version of the mainstream price is 859 yuan, while the Kindle Fire HD priced at about 1400-1500 yuan (unspecified size), price and Taobao parallel price almost.

To put that price in perspective, an iPad Mini clone is priced at 899. And at least one eight-inch quad-core non-clone tablet has just dropped in price to 599 and one seven-inch tablet has been introduced for 399.

Same-day update: IMP3Net is reporting the Kindle will launch on June 7th [Google English]. Let’s see which site is correct. By the way, both dates are Fridays.

Second same-day update: The source of the June 7th date is this report at Sina Weibo [Google English], which also fleshes out the history of Amazon and China.

Previously here:

Kindle Paperwhite Leak In China
No eInk Kindle In China (Yet?)
Amazon To Introduce Kindle Paperwhite In China This Week

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Apple Fears iPad Mini Clones?

Well, Apple should.

Dig it: With zero marketing done outside of China, the Chuwi V88 is known internationally. See the sidebar at the right of this blog for Top Posts — the Chuwi V88 has been dominating that. While Apple has spent millions pimping the iPad Mini, Chuwi has spent just about nothing. Apple probably spends more on cafeteria food in a week than Chuwi has in advertising and marketing.

The Chuwi V88 has 1GB of RAM compared to the iPad Mini’s 512MB. There’s also a 2GB model. It also has a miniHDMI port, microUSB, and microSD card slot. For less than US$200.

That is competition.

If “trade dress” issues didn’t prevent from it being sold everywhere, the iPad Mini would be in serious trouble, judging from how Android phones are doing.

And today, two pieces of a puzzle snapped together.

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Strange Post Analyzing Chuwi V88 Sales

Google English: Nansheng own position, velocity Pad mini V88 Chi for similar sales are not very good

They claim that in a certain amount of time, the Vido Mini One has sold five-hundred units via Taobao versus maybe fifty for the Chuwi V88.

I tried to make sense of that by using Taobao Focus English search for the Vido Mini One and the Chuwi V88. The only thing I can see is that the Chuwi V88 has fewer sellers — a point that also seems to be made in the post.

The only thing I can dimly perceive through the haze of Google Translate is that perhaps Chuwi is not very good at domestic marketing and sales.

I should also note here that Chinese customers believe the iPad Mini clone prices to be too high. It seems their reaction mirrors mine for the $329 iPad Mini.


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