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HFT = High Frequency Trading?

Photo taken today Friday April 14, 2014. Resampled and resized to 1024 x 768; click to enlarge.


I should have asked, but it looked like a blood-sucking spider anyway. And he was heading for the Financial District.

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There have been some stunning images via Twitter of the Presidential Palace captured by victorious Ukrainian protesters.

This image …


… exemplifies everything that is wrong with those who currently — and temporarily — hold power.

More photos here.

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When Hands Close Into Fists

The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch

Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.

While in Kiev, the government those in power have deployed snipers to kill whoever they can in the mass of protesters.

It’s clear that those who hold power will do anything to retain that power. The law is shredded and all that matters is who has the most force — or who is willing to do the most killing.

Something to keep in mind here in America.

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Occupy Wall Street: December 20, 2013

Photo taken today, Friday December 20, 2013. Resized and resampled to VGA.

There was no sign of Occupy at all in lower Manhattan. Except for one guy I’d never seen before who was standing at Liberty Plaza wearing these signs:


Previously here:

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Stop. Watching. Us.


They’re smart enough to create the world’s most formidable surveillance apparatus.

But too goddammed stupid to understand why the Constitution of their own country was created.

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Fast Food Worker Protest

Photos taken today Wednesday October 16, 2013. Resampled and resized to VGA, click any to enlarge.

I stumbled upon a protest at the Fulton Street Burger King:


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Occupy Wall Street: Two-Year Anniversary

September 23, 2011, 7:17AM:


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A Line Has Been Crossed

Forced Exposure ~pj

You’ll find all the laws in the US related to privacy and surveillance there. Not that anyone seems to follow any laws that get in their way these days. Or if they find they need a law to make conduct lawful, they just write a new law or reinterpret an old one and keep on going. That’s not the rule of law as I understood the term.

Bold and redfacing added by me.

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Our Founding Malcontents

Ages of Revolution: How Old Were They on July 4, 1776?

It’s a simple question — perhaps so basic that it’s been overlooked. How old were the key participants of the American Revolution? And not just the Founding Fathers. Authors often reveal the age of a soldier, politician or other main character in books about the American Revolution, but I always find myself wondering about their peers at the same time.

That’s a question I had several months ago and I couldn’t find such a list. Now the list exists.

I’ll no longer refer to them as our Founding “Fathers.” That makes them seem sedate.

They were malcontents. They would not submit to the way things were. They hated the way things were. They risked death rather than submit. There’s nothing at all “fatherly” about that.

They were malcontents. And as malcontents they drafted a legal document that would protect other malcontents: The U.S. Constitution.

You owe your freedom to people who complained. Remember that the next time you dare open your yap about others who complain.

If you can’t see anything to complain about, you’re not aware, not alive.


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Occupy Wall Street: July 20, 2013

All photos taken today Saturday July 20, 2013. Resized and resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.

Are they coming back?

Taken around 8:40AM, the vigil at Trinity Whore Church seems to have grown since my last post:


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