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Teclast Teases P98 Air

In a Weibo communique:

#台电P98 Air八核#即将上市!其采用全新模具!重新设计了侧面平板双音腔,置于机身底部金属边框两侧,布局更加合理,平置使用也能带来厚实饱满的音色表现!

Google Translate:

# # Taipower P98 Air upcoming eight-core! Which uses a new mold! Redesigned two-tone flat side of the chamber, placed on both sides of the fuselage bottom of the metal frame, the layout is more reasonable level home use can also bring thick full sound performance!


They’re doing the flat slabby design of the P90HD, except the speakers are on the bottom edge.

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More About Flashing The Teclast X98 3G To Windows 8.1

cngadget has instructions in English.

But I also found a forum thread at ZOL that has lots of images that might also be helpful [Google Translate].


What’s also interesting is that I found a Youku video following the above process. I’ve ripped it and cross-posted it to YouTube.

See it after the break.

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Intel Z3735D Vs. Rockchip 3288

Thread: Pipo P1 and P8 tablets with RK3288

about new tablet’s specificantions and performance in general, I’ve seen that tablets equipped with Intel BayTrail-T Z3745D (as the new Teclast X98 3G) are even FASTER (and a lot cheaper) than Pipo P1. See 3D mark results for example.

So I do not think that RK3288 is the “CPU to go” now, also because BayTail CPU support x86 and 64bit, then can be aquipped with Windows 8.1 too.

BayTrail are built at 22nm, RK3288 at 28nm. So Intel CPU’s could probably drain less power.

For the reasons above I think Intel CPUs now are better solution than RK3288. And for the bad support of Pipo, I think that switch to another brand could be good too.

I’m just going to leave this here as one of those things that make me go, Hmmmm….

Feel free to agree or rebut in Comments, however.


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Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone With Windows 8.1: Not Teclast

Ah, well.


I couldn’t let it go and kept thinking about that new Rosa tablet in Vietnam.

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Onda V975w Appears At Tmall

Thanks to Cody in Comments, the Tmall listing [Google Translate limited].


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Pipo P1: Unrealistic Eight Hours Of Video

Pipo makes a claim for eight hours of video playback with its P1 tablet using unrealistic settings [Google Translate]:

WiFi is turned on, play online video, “Detective Conan” (SD), Shuffle
Volume is set to 30%, with headphones
Adjust the screen brightness to 20%


Errrrrmmmm… standard def online video, headphones, and one-fifth brightness? Seriously, Pipo?

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Revealed: Xiaomi MiPad Has Higher Score With AnTuTu 5

Via a Weibo communique:


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Onda’s New A80, Windows, And 4G Tablets

None of the Chinese tech press chose to carry the Onda announcement in the same-day news cycle. All of them will probably run their accounts tomorrow. This means there’s hardly any useful information today.

cngadget has a post about the new 4G Onda V819: Onda V819 4G “World’s cheapest 4G tablet” announced. This is the important info for people outside of China:

The supported 4G bands have not been revealed yet, but being advertised as a TD-LTE model it may not be compatible with US carriers but could be working in some EU countries.

Over at Tabletorium, Edward Weinert has managed to register at Weibo and has several of the large images from Onda available through that service [Google Translate]. I’ve cloned some of these below.

I’d just like to briefly point out four things.

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Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 10, Series Finale(?)


And so it all ends.

All the spoilers after the break.

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The Small Tablet Market Is Doomed?

This is very odd.

Two opinion pieces appearing at PadNews on the same day that seem to reinforce one another.

The first argues that the smartphone is taking the place of small tablets, so small tablets are unprofitable and manufacturers are moving to large — ten-inch and above — tablets [Google Translate]:

Industry insiders believe that, over the past 7-inch tablet is mainstream, but for telecom operators and hardware vendors, selling 7-inch tablet to make money. Now consumers prefer large-size screen, plus telecommunications companies began to subsidize eight inches above models, the estimated replacement tidal wave of tablet, will stimulate demand for large-size flat growth. Moreover, now the mainstream 7-inch tablet is price competition, which also caused manufacturers profitability plummeted, so manufacturers have started digging flat added value and location of large-size flat, hard price competition in the Red Sea off the market.

The report opens by using the World Cup as an example of this shift, with a large number of people reporting they used a smartphone to watch it — or keep up with it — instead of a tablet. They claim the smartphone is the real “second screen” (the first being a TV), not a tablet.

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