The Music Video That Needed To Be Made

A treat for Gerry Anderson fans of Thunderbirds and Terrahawks!

Someone has finally done the music video that needed to be made.

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The Corporate Abyss

New Yorkers, Take Back Your City

This is not normal. It is state-sponsored, corporate-driven and turbo-charged.

Manhattan has become a Corporate Abyss.

There’s no place in midtown where you can place your eyes that doesn’t hit a corporate logo.

The Blade Runner-like ads are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Bloomberg push to “clean up” things have led to a city-corporate one-two punch driving out small businesses for the sake of national brands.

I’m newly disgusted every time I venture into Manhattan. I’m totally disoriented, not finding familiar landmark stores that were once present for ages. Now replaced by shiny national corporate brands and national brand wannabes.

And it’s encroaching on Chinatown too, perhaps the last part of Manhattan that has any actual human life remaining in it.

I don’t know how it can be changed. But it has to be stopped.


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Amazon Smartphone Sneak Peek

After years of rumors: This is Amazon’s smartphone

I’d be surprised if it was branded as a Kindle. This would be much more: “All of Amazon in Your Pocket.”

This is probably the biggest move ever made by Amazon and should really scare the living shit out of everyone who’s wide awake. It has repercussions that I’m not even going to try to list because that list would be huge.

The 3D is, of course, differentiation — but that could have vast implications for all UIs as well. People talk about kids and tablets encountering paper, trying to pinch-zoom photos. What happens when kids experience the 3D Amazon UI and have to go back to flat?

From a technical standpoint. it’ll be interesting to see if the infrared cameras work in bright sunlight. There’s more to those IR cameras than a 3D effect. Imagine your eyes being tracked to call up a contact and dial a number — hands free. Or to scroll through Twitter — hands-free.

The eye-tracking will probably send data to Amazon to tweak things — and to measure the effectiveness of ads. There’s a big privacy issue that will blow up.

It’ll probably sell out the first day it’s offered for sale.

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The People Of The Abyss

Go look. Just go look. There are no words I can add.

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iFive Mini 4: New Information

From this point on, I will stop preceding it with “Retina-class” since the iFive Mini 4 designation makes it clear this is a new generation of tablet.

From Weibo’s FindFive account, we have two new photos:


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HKC’s New Intel-Based iPad Mini Clone

So iPad Mini clones aren’t entirely dead yet after all. Some companies will persist with them.

One is HKC, which had a truly miserable Actions-based iPad Mini clone. They seem to want to rectify that with a new model featuring a dual-core Intel Atom Z2580 running at 2.0GHz, 1GB RAM, but a measly 8GBs of storage [Google Translate]. The screen will remain at a non-Retina 1024 x 768.


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Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android Is Coming Back

Thanks to ZOL, we have two pictures of the new Rockchip MultiWindow Android for 3288-based tablets [Google Translate].

This is running on the upcoming Pipo M6Pro, a 9.7-inch tablet with a Retina-class screen:


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Allwinner 41K AnTuTu Is Hypothetical


The mystery of the 41,000-range AnTuTu score for the octa-core Allwinner A80 CPU is a mystery no longer, thanks to Charbax.

It’s not from a tablet. It’s from a special board with a huge heatsink and fan, designed to show its uppermost performance limit:


So, it’s doubtful any actual tablet will score that.

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Rockchip 3288-Based Retina-Class iFive Mini 3! [Updated: Mini 4!]

Same-day update: See end of post.

Charbax gets the word first at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

The first images of the iFive Mini 3 with Retina-class display powered by the new Rockchip 3288 CPU:


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Tech Nano-Fondle: Samsung Gear Fit



I didn’t do video.

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