A family member has been afflicted.

I’ve spent the past month between hospitals.

This is in addition to the IRL Complications that have prevented me from updating this blog regularly.

Updating of this blog will continue to be irregular and with fewer updates until the entire situation improves.

By the way, I lightly used the Nexus 9 again yesterday. I still like it. It also had the keyboard cover. US$129 for that keyboard case is highway robbery. And I couldn’t get it to work with the tablet. But I could type on it, which surprised me.

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IRL Complications

Note: This post was published on March 11th. It will remain a sticky until circumstances change one way or the other.


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Apple Looks Stupid Again

Apple says it removed apps with Pebble compatibility by mistake

Following news of the rejections, Apple told Business Insider that it’s not rejecting apps or app updates that work with Pebble’s devices. Pebble also chimed in on Reddit, saying it was working with Apple, which was being “super responsive” to concerns that existing apps might get the kibosh[.]

How can Apple keep embarrassing itself like this? Doesn’t anyone over there pay any fucking attention at all?

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Apple Goes Asshole Again

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Tablets Versus Large-Screen Phones

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says iPhone shipments for the current product cycle “have peaked”

The analyst is blaming “industry structural changes” for a rather large 52.7% drop in iPad shipments from fiscal Q1 to Q2. The 10.1 million tablets Apple is estimated to have shipped in its fiscal second quarter is a 38.1% decline from the 16.3 million iPads it shipped in the same quarter a year ago. Declining iPad shipments, partially due to the successful launch of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet, will continue next quarter as well with Kuo predicting a further quarter-to-quarter 28.5% drop in shipments of Apple’s slate.

We’ll have to see what Apple says in terms of actual numbers, but things seem to be getting weird in the tablet market.

Tablet news, reviews, and releases have collapsed in China. Companies that were in the news just two years ago aren’t heard from at all now. And it seems everyone wants to migrate to doing Core-M tablets for higher prices.

Have people really been abandoning tablets altogether in favor of large-screen phones? I’d still want — and need — a tablet even with a large-screen phone. But I have a special reading requirement: Google Books PDFs.

If Apple does indeed release an iPad Pro, the sales numbers of that will be very interesting.

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All Titans Fall

Apple Won’t Always Rule. Just Look at IBM.

What happened to IBM — how it became this small, in comparison with Apple — is worth remembering.

Ah, so many companies that were riding high in the 1980s are all gone now. I could do a list but no one would care. And those who care would annoyingly fisk them to defend Apple.

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Teclast Might Have Announced Android 5.0

Thanks to Vladimir Burnin, who noticed it on Weibo and left a Comment alerting me.

This is very odd. Although this Weibo appears in Teclast’s home timeline, the aggregate timeline I have of all tablet makers doesn’t have it. Perhaps Teclast deleted it but the Weibo cache change hasn’t propagated yet?

Anyway, the Weibo (which might not work):


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The Nokia Smartphone Gorilla Will Return

According to South China Daily, Nokia will relocate its R&D center to Sichuan, China [Google Translate].

This will be an earthquake for the smartphone market.

The latest Android phones being made in China are lust-inducing powerhouses with large, full-HD (or even quad-HD) screens, the latest CPUs from Qualcomm or MediaTek, at least 3GBs of RAM, and hi-res cameras from Sony. At prices that undercut global brand names.

Combine that with Nokia R&D, the Nokia brand and quality control, its worldwide cellphone expertise, and next year will see some stunning alternatives in the Android phone market that will finally contain radios for all global frequencies. China will begin to bust out of its China-only smartphone market in a very big way.

April 26, 2015 Update: Nokia says No. Nokia reaffirms it currently has no plans to manufacture or sell consumer handsets


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Jolla Tablet Delayed

Jolla iteration 4: news about Jolla Tablet shipping schedule and more

We’ve been working very hard all year to get the Jolla Tablet ready. We have progressed very well in many areas, but as there are still many open items remaining, we are forced to postpone the delivery start of the Jolla Tablet.

Sailfish OS still needs a lot of work and they’ve changed the screen panel to one with better color.

New shipping target for Jolla Tablet: end of July 2015

I guess this really shouldn’t be a surprise. But all the same, it’s disappointing.

I’ve seen the same thing happen with tablet after tablet. The only exception has been the iPad.

Months matter a lot in the tablet world. I’ve been watching things wither in China and can see that there’s been a big change in the market, which is why companies are trying to move towards high-end Core-M-based tablets.

But Jolla is basically making its own market with Sailfish OS, so this delay probably won’t matter much in the long run.

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Sizes: Pebble Vs. Apple Watch

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Sizes: Xiaomi MiBand Vs. Apple Watch

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Xiaomi Exec Disses Apple Watch Design

Xiaomi TV Operations Director, Operations Director Li Xiaomi community, disses the Apple Watch on Weibo:


The trouble with saying something like that is Xiaomi now has to reveal a better design.

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Sizes: Xiaomi MiBand Vs. Apple Watch

Via Weibo:


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CUBE Releases Kid-Friendly Launcher



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