R.I.P. Actress Anne Meara

Actor and comedian Anne Meara, mother of Ben Stiller, dies at 85

All of the headlines I’ve seen include “mother of Ben Stiller,” which irks me. She had her own career and earned fame well before anyone knew of her son, Ben.

I loved her, both as a member of Stiller and Meara, and on her own in a variety of movie and TV roles.

Rest in peace.


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Eight-Inch “1/16″ Windows Tablet For US$50


American Memorial Day holiday sale special price.

DigiLand – 8″ – Intel Atom – 16GB – Black

A “1/16″ tablet had 1GB of RAM and 16GBs of internal storage. Stick with Metro/Modern apps, avoid Desktop app multitasking and games with complex graphics, and it’s usable.

Previously here:

Chippy Does A Video Of His “1/16″ Windows Tablet
Chippy And The Cheap Windows Tablet

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R.I.P. Mathematician John Nash, Jr.

Famed ‘A Beautiful Mind’ mathematician John Nash, wife killed in taxi crash, police say

John Forbes Nash Jr., the Princeton University mathematician whose life story was the subject of the film “A Beautiful Mind,” and his wife of nearly 60 years died Saturday in a taxi crash on the New Jersey Turnpike, police said.

Nash was 86. Alicia Nash was 82. The couple lived in Princeton.

Rest in peace.

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Unofficial Android 5.x For iFive Air & Mini 4

Thanks to TimoBeil in Comments for pointing it out.

Waaaay back in March, a post on the 5Fans forum said Android 5.0.2 was in progress for the iFive Air [Google Translate]. Since then, nothing more has been posted about it either in the forum or on Weibo.

Today, TimoBeil posted a link to an OMA/CrewRKTablets build of AOSP 5.1.1 for the iFive Air and iFive Mini 4: RK3288: Lollipop has landed on rk32board

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Teclast X98 Air 3G With Remix OS

Thanks to Vladimir Burnin, who pointed this out in a Comment.

At the Teclast forum, there’s a locked-down post with this headline:

Click = big

Bing Translator link.

Teclast has not mentioned this on Weibo at all. The forum is usually where Teclast offers cutting-edge ROMs to their faithful customers to test before general release. Most of the posts are locked to the unregistered and access to some posts require a certain number of forum points.

After the break, some of the screensnaps that Vladimir provided, of Remix OS on the Teclast X98 Air 3G.

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Sony Tweet-Teases New Xperia Phone

That looks similar — but not identical — to the “Lavender” phone leaked earlier today.

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Warren Buffett: Predator, Scumlord


Warren Buffett’s mobile home empire preys on the poor

And near Bug Tussle, Alabama, Carol Carroll has been paying down her home for more than a decade but still owes nearly 90 percent of the sale price — and more than twice what the home is worth.

The families’ dealers and lenders went by different names — Luv Homes, Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt, 21st Mortgage. Yet the disastrous loans that threaten them with homelessness or the loss of family land stem from a single company: Clayton Homes, the nation’s biggest homebuilder, which is controlled by its second-richest man — Warren Buffett.

I didn’t learn about this until now, via another article:

America’s trailer parks: the residents may be poor but the owners are getting rich

Asked by an eager investor how regularly tenants leave her parks, Lee says: “When they die. [They] stay forever, they have no place to go.”

Charles Dickens, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, Eugene V. Debs, Jacob Riis, and countless others who fought for progress and a fair deal, spin in their graves.

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iSheep? Some People Still Don’t Understand

The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled BlackBerry

The article is interesting, but what’s astounding is this Comment underneath it:

This was how bad the original iPhone was. No Cut and Paste for its first two years and no Exchange email support for that same two year period. But no matter as iSheep will buy whatever they are told and with enough of a marketing budget you can get the rest of the masses to think that they needed this device.

Fast forward a few years. Now we have every US cellular carrier locked into multi-billion dollar a year sales quotes with Apple to sell iOS products whether the consumers want them or not. Verizon owes Apple $21.5 billion, ATT over $14 billion, and T-Mobile, Sprint over $7 billion a year each. And then Apple has sales quota deals like this with cellular firms the world over.

Bravo Apple for making so that people’s only option is an iPhone.

What? What?

The last line is by itself a Richter Scale WTF:

Bravo Apple for making so that people’s only option is an iPhone.

So I’ve been hallucinating all of those Android phones by Alcatel, ZTE, Sony, Blu, Asus, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Oppo that have caught my interest and I’ve posted about here?

No. I think that guy is hallucinating that there’s only iPhone available.


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Contemptible Ignorance Of The Market

DigiTimes: China-based white-box vendors push dual-OS tablets

But this is the one that gets up my nose:

Android Headlines: Dual-OS Tablets May Come Soon From White-Box Vendors

Now, if a report coming from Taiwan is anything to go by, some white-box tablet manufacturers in China are planning to do what big mainstream vendors like Asus and Samsung could not achieve in face of stiff opposition from the giants based out of Mountain View and Redmond. A report claims that some white-box tablet manufacturers are looking to create a whole new sub-category of product – dual-boot devices featuring Android and Windows, a step which could indeed make tablets more attractive among mainstream consumers.

Where the hell has Android Headlines been all this time?

I’ve been writing about these tablets since the first one, back in September 2014!

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Supergirl: The Leaked Pilot


Oh yes.

And no spoilers.

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