Crazy: Windows 10 On Rockchip 3288 ARM CPU!

Via PadNews [Google Translate]:


There’s no word yet on whose handiwork this is.

PadNews reports this was seen on a tablet with a ten-inch screen — and as the first photo explains, the screen had a shocking resolution of just 1024 x 768!


Up until now, Windows tablets from China have run on Intel x86-based CPUs. Will this open the door to ARM? And will we see dual-OS Android/Windows ARM-based tablets before the end of this year?


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4 responses to “Crazy: Windows 10 On Rockchip 3288 ARM CPU!

  1. The future for Microsoft is ARM, and I’d say even ARM Android.

    Controlling a proprietary OS shouldn’t matter for Microsoft as much as them delivering good web apps, cloud services, and perhaps even some innovative hardware. I think Microsoft’s chance lies in porting good RT-class and Metro apps to Android (advanced productivity apps for Android) and for them to add advanced Bing cloud services to Android and Chrome.

  2. This is windows mobile, it has always run on ARM.

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