No Surprise: Xiaomi MiPad 2 Sold Out

From various reports, including this one: 64 GB Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Tablet Sold Out in Less Than a Minute.

But what happened over in China, on all the Xiaomi Weibo accounts?


Not one single account mentioned it sold out! And they all usually brag about that!

Instead, today Lin Bin is braying about a Xiaomi Zone set up in a Suning store and Lei Jun is drooling over a surprise release of a MiTV3 with a godawful 70-inch screen!

It’s now evident that after Lei Jun’s total failure with the original MiPad that Xiaomi did a second tablet just to have a tablet in the product mix.

They otherwise don’t give a damn about bragging about how it sold out.

None of the accounts mention when it’ll be back in stock.

None of the accounts mention any regret for people not being able to buy it.

None of the accounts mention scalpers snapping up the initial stock.

For fuck’s sake, even the MiPad Weibo account touts the 70-inch TV!

This has to be a new record for indicating a tablet has been abandoned.

Upon its release!

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