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New iPad Mini Shape Prototype Appears At IFA

I’ve looked at this video several times and I’m convinced:

It’s more iPad-like than the iPad Mini prototype Gotta Be Mobile and the blueprints others published.

This shape is more squat and the proportions finally seem correct to my eyes.

We’ll all know for sure in six weeks or so when Apple holds their event.

Update, Monday September 3, 2012: Minutes after posting, I learned this video ripped off images from another site. See those images and others in this post at 9 to 5 Mac, with proper credit given: New physical mockups give a look at the upcoming iPad mini’s possible design


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The True eBook Fraud: Self-Interest

Worse Than Paying for Online Reviews

There’s another reason why I didn’t react strongly to the rigged reviewers news. It’s because there something far uglier happening on Amazon than merely rigged reviews.

A large and anonymous publishing company is fabricating dozens of author personas, creating books of appallingly low quality under these false identities, publishing them as low-price Kindle ebooks and then manipulating their sales by posting fake reviews and by cramming so much content into certain book categories that their content is all but inescapable.

All the little shits who once took us for suckers with mail order Get Rich Quick schemes and bullshit Multi-Level Marketing scams have figured out how to mine the eBookstores — particularly Amazon — for easy gold.

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