Appleholes: Just STFU Now And Go Away



By “some idiots,” does he mean the Apple assholes who bombed this blog with their anti-stylus Comments back when the Sony Reader T1 was announced?





Four idiots who only know what someone else tells them.

Yes, that post was waaaay back in 2011. I never forget such stupidity.

Nor should you.

How many other places did they drop their received “wisdom” into? Do even they remember their cultish vandalism that added nothing to sites?

But they are the Superior Breed.

Give us all a fucking break, fanboiz.


Apple’s Launch Event was Creepy as Hell


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3 responses to “Appleholes: Just STFU Now And Go Away

  1. Eric

    Drive by commenting is a PITA. More than likely they were telling each other to comment too. Their problem is lack of thought, different products, different times and yet they just have to keep repeating this single nugget without any context.

    I am interested in the 13″ iPad and not at all interested in a stylus.

    • I still use a Palm LifeDrive with a stylus. Many people love their Galaxy Note with stylus. The iPad Pro interests me too. The Apple Pencil, not at this time.

      • Eric

        I plan to use it for web browsing, email, and reading. I am not an artist so the pencil holds no interest. The only thing stopping me from placing an order is the price. $1500 on a direct USD to AUD conversion.

        I remember my friends with Windows phones before the first iPhone with their pressure displays and moderately high resolutions for the time you required a stylus to select checkboxes & menu items. In an emergency a Bic pen cap worked too.

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