Nook Glowlight Plus: Updated For Adobe Digital Editions?

Over the the Good e-Reader site is this interesting comment:

Barnes and Noble has released an update. The reader is now compatible with ADE and libraries.

Software Update 45.1.4. They are rolling it out gradually.

I’m unable to confirm this at post time because, as usual, B&N’s Internet skills are a stinking pile of incompetent shit:


I’ll update this post if I can confirm this rumor.



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6 responses to “Nook Glowlight Plus: Updated For Adobe Digital Editions?

  1. According to the thread I am following on MobileRead, one person got an update on Monday that added ADE support. No one else has gotten the update.

    I would have posted this but I am still waiting for confirmation.

  2. TheDudeJoe

    Fingers Crossed!
    Any word on how to load screensavers onto this one? Can’t seem to get to the files to create another screensaver folder.

  3. Thomas Young

    According to B&N, NGLPlus has new upgrade….still impossible to connect to ADE…..worst product they have producced

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