Chinese Tablets? Next!

DigiTimes — a sketchy source that is absolutely correct this time, though very late to catch on: Some China white-box tablet vendors shifting to other product lines.

I had a post in the works that I never published. Its title was: America Doesn’t Need Tablets From China Brands. We Have Amazon For That Shit.

So I note with some glee this passage in the DigiTimes piece:

Since brand vendors such as Amazon have been launching inexpensive tablet products to compete for market share, many white-box and small tablet brand vendors have forced out of the market.

The Kindle ate the Sony Reader.

Now the Kindle Fire line of shit — and that’s what it is, have you seen them in person yet? does Bezos have no shame? — is eating China-branded tablets.

There’s only one tablet left due to be released in China that I’m even mildly interested in: The Xiaomi MiPad 2.

No other company is producing anything that interests me any longer.

So, you lot out there better start reading more of TECHTablets.

And for that one asshole who whined about my saying Chuwi, etc, are electronics — not tablet — companies, go bite yourself. On. Your. Dick.

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3 responses to “Chinese Tablets? Next!

  1. Strauß Maximilian

    Appreciate your work and for the TechTablet recommendation! The tablet post helped me to find a good tablet that fits my budget and introduced me to the Chinese tablet industry.

    Keep up your work whatever you focus on and sorry if my English isn’t the best ^^

    Greetings from Germany

  2. giouncino

    Teclast is a brand that is not withdrawing from Tablet market and they are producing some new and very interesting devices with X5 Z8500 and X5 Z8300 SoC, as soon as they will sell them with 4G LTE support.
    With windows 10 and such a powerful SoC these tablet could make the difference from iPad and Chinese clones as far as general purpose use is concerned…

    Unfortunately no news are coming out from Cube, that in my opinion remains the very best about build quality.

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