USB-C Cautions

Not all USB Type C cables are equal: A Googler tells you which to avoid

But USB Type-C is still a new technology… and while you can find plenty of cables and adapters available for purchase, it turns out not all of them work the the way you’d expect. Not sure which one to buy? A Google employee is here to help.

I took my first trip to Micro Center in Brooklyn yesterday. I marveled at a brand-name USB-C to USB cable adapter that was going for US$22.95! My god!

(I went there to buy a US$9.99 card r/w for the CLIE’s Memory Stick. Wound up buying one that was priced at US$14.99, on sale for US$5.99. And it also had 3 USB ports! Seeing all the choices not available at Best Buy was a bit of a shock!)

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