Occupy Wall Street: Year Two, Day One

Via Timcast, Bishop Packard in flexicuffs, arrested for sitting on the sidewalk in protest near Wall Street yesterday:

More Than 180 Arrested on Occupy Wall Street’s First Anniversary

Occupy is right. The protest must be non-violent. And it has been. All the shameful violence has been on the part of the NYPD.

The arrest martyrs of Occupy are doing what I cannot do: Get in the face of power and not use a fist. I’d want to use a fist. Or more. So, until I can sublimate that urge, it’s better for Occupy for me to stay the hell away from the action.

Don’t believe any bullshit mainstream media reports about yesterday. Occupy was effective. The overwhelming numbers of NYPD arrayed against them proves that. That NYPD snatched people they targeted proves that. Legitimate government does not resort to that when faced with non-violent dissent.

If you have any doubts about the outcome of this clash of wills — finance versus all of us — watch this video with an interview of Chris Hedges.

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