Velocity Micro’s iPad Mini Pre-Clone

So it turns out that Velocity Micro — makers of the infamous Cruz line of tablets — has a 1024×768 8″ tablet coming: the T508.

A 1.2GHz AllWinner CPU does not inspire great confidence. It’s slightly faster than the version that powers the 9.7″ Coby tablet I fondled recently.

Still, I was obsessed curious enough to dredge through the hell of YouTube to see if there was a clone of the Crux T508 out there.

There is.

The Ampe A85 Deluxe matches most of the T508’s specs, with the exception that the cameras are mounted for landscape, not portrait, use. Also, the T508 will not include Bluetooth.

Here’s the best video out of the spammy lot:

At a forum, there’s a review [see also Google English] from someone who is satisfied with it. I don’t know how much weight to give that. Europe is overflowing with crap tablets and I’ve seen good reviews for some real crap. Europeans seem to settle for less (and they are also fearless in ordering tablets directly from China!). He also set up a Dropbox of photos.

Frankly, I’m surprised to see Velocity Micro come out with this tablet. I expect Pandigital might too. Coby’s 8″ tablet has a weird 800×600 screen. I guess the screen fabricators in China hadn’t mastered 1024×768 at 8″ in time for Coby to use them in volume.

Once the iPad Mini arrives and sells in record-breaking numbers, we’ll likely see a tsunami of similar 8″ Android tablets. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see big names like Samsung, HTC, and Sony offer them too. The brand-new Nexus 7 might be the last of that 7″ 16:9 design.

As for the Cruz tablet versus the Archos 80 G9… I’d have to try that Cruz for myself. The Coby tablet with a 1GHz AllWinner CPU was Grandma slow. The Archos yesterday was faster, even with a prior version of Android (see Charbax’s Comment).


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  1. The wording pre-clone is funny. You do realize Android tablets sell more worldwide each day than iPad.

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