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First Review Of Intel Atom-Powered Teclast P89 Mini

The Teclast P89 Mini is the first — or maybe only? — iPad Mini clone to be powered by an Intel Atom CPU. Its distinguishing characteristic is an AnTuTu score rivaling that of the newest smartphones using the latest quad- and octa-core CPUs.

And today it has been reviewed — as an engineering prototype — and that review was cross-posted to a forum [Google English]. (Note I cannot find the original review. And if it was indeed written by “Anonymous,” it might actually be astroturf.)

This is well before its release date — which is revealed as September 3rd.


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“Ice Green” Chuwi V88: Same Design As Original

And that is not good news.

All this time I’d been under the impression that Chuwi took some of the new design of the V88s — rounded edges — for the new “Ice Green” V88.

Not so.

The “Ice Green” is the same as the original V88 design, including the angled edge and the jutting microSD card!

See two photos from a set after the break.

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