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MSI Primo 81 Goes On Sale In France


This is an AllWinner A31s-based clone with 1GB of RAM, similar to the Onda V818 Mini.

MSI has now listed it on their global website. It’s not at their American website.

Europeans interested in an A31s-based clone yet are hesitant to deal with international sellers and the possibility of having to return a defective unit might have better after-sale support getting it from Generation Oueb. It seems a bit expensive at 224 Euros, though. There’s a five-page brochure, in French, for it [direct PDF link].

Previously here:

MSI Announces iPad Mini Clone: Primo 81


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Teclast P89 Mini: 1GB RAM, Evaluated Twice


Let’s get the bad news out first: Early reports were incorrect. The Teclast P89 Mini has just 1GB of RAM, not 2GBs. I understand that the RAM is likely more expensive, but this tablet is likely going to be pricey as it is (locally, the rumor is above 1,000), so why not also offer a 2GB version to appeal to users who really want all that CPU power?

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