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“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 “Disassembly”

Well, this is rather laughable [Google English].

If manufacturers are going to do their own “disassemblies,” will they go all the way and do unboxings too?


Really, Chuwi? A photo and just your word on it? No photo of the markings on the battery itself? Puhleeze. FAIL.


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New Archos 80b Platinum Tablet

July 19, 2013: Archos Quietly Cancels Its 80 Platinum Tablet

Well, here we go again, hopping on the Archos merry-go-round for another ride.

Way back in June, JBMM reported [Google English] that an “80b Platinum” tablet had shown up at the FCC.

Today, there’s an actual listing for it at J&R:


Why should anyone care?

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