2006 jWin Vs. iPod Nano

I bought a cheapo jWin MP3 player back in 2006. Despite a few problems, it’s done the job and the sound to my ears — paired with a set of pretty good (though also cheap) earbuds — is very good. But due to its crap UI, I’m really limited in the number of tracks I can have in storage — so I haven’t gone beyond 128MBs (yes, MBs!) via SD card.

Recently the battery door on the jWin broke and I’ve been thinking of getting a better MP3 player.

Yesterday at Staples I finally saw the iPod Nano. Here are two comparison pics:


As you can see, the jWin has a monochrome LCD display. It’s a two-line all-text UI. I have a hair band wrapped around the jWin to keep the broken battery door (see lower left) shut.

This killed me:


The Nano is about one-third the thickness of the jWin!

The thickness of the jWin is due to using a AAA battery. But still.

The iPod Nano is freakishly expensive to my mind — US$149 for 16GBs of storage. And I have more than 25GBs of audio files (although, to be fair, some might be duplicates). Since the Nano can also do video, it makes me wonder if I’d want to add a few of those too.

But all this is just idle musing. Because this would require me to use iTunes. And possibly keep all my audio on my PC — which I don’t do. It’s all on a separate archive drive.

Anyway, I’m open to recommendations for a new MP3 player. Preferably one I can just drag and drop files into without having to use intermediary software for syncing.


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7 responses to “2006 jWin Vs. iPod Nano

  1. I’m partial to the Sansa Clip players. Inexpensive, great UI, microSD expansion, and long battery life.

  2. Thirded… if there is such a word. The Sansa products are pretty good, meet your drag and drop requirement and don’t care about iTunes either. I’ve got one I paid next to nothing for a long time ago and it’s still kicking.

  3. E.T.

    The Sansa is good and not expensive. Any Smartphone would be good too. Either a new one or an old one (even locked) w/o a sim card that would function like an ipod toouch,

    • mikecane

      I don’t want something as big as a phone just for music. I already have a LifeDrive I carry around and don’t use for music.

  4. Robert Maroon

    A second hand Sansa e280 wil do the trick. It also has an SD card slot and can be flashed with rockbox.

  5. Dai Shan

    I’ll fourth the Sansa Clips, whether it’s the Clip+ or Clip Zip. Both are awesome little players. If you want to take the awesome to an 11, then Rockbox it.

    Also, If you’re willing put Rockbox on the device, then you may want to checkout the Sansa Fuze+ lines. The default firmware is crap, but RB actually make the touch controls useful and easy to navigate huge music collections.

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