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Rumored Nexus 8

There are many reports floating around the Net of a rumored Nexus 8 coming from Google.

That would be a bit weird given the Samsung-Google glasnost.

But perhaps it was so far into development that Google couldn’t cancel it.

At any rate, the significant bit of the rumor is that it will have an Intel Bay Trail-T CPU.

If that’s true, then it would make buying an Android tablet with an Intel CPU a safe bet.

So far, people have been wary of buying Android tablets with Intel Inside because of compatibility problems with games.

But with Google blessing Intel, developers would have a huge incentive to make all of their apps Intel-compatible.

With a rumored release (or unveiling) date of April, this is too far away for me to consider as a possible tablet buy. Besides, I’d be surprised if it was a 4:3 instead of 16:9/10 screen.



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