Nook Glowlight Plus: Skipping Registration Needed

I finally found my reference to skipping what’s called the OOBE — Out Of Box Experience — of having to register the older Nook Simple Touch. It was at XDA Developers: [Q] Skip the initial setup.

But that method seems to have been deprecated, according to unclelobsterman at the Mobileread forum:

Just received mine yesterday. Handsome unit. Has anyone figured out how to skip the registration / OOBE (out of box experience)? I (foolishly) called Nook support. They hung up on me when I asked…twice. It’s really easy on previous editions but this is entirely new hardware. The Nook button plus the top swipe doesn’t do anything.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

WTF, Nook Support! Hanging up on a customer?

So, we have to wait for that now too.

Hey, is there anyone at Barnes & Noble or Nook, Inc. reading this? Throw us a damn bone! Or do you want this device to wind up at a job lot store for US$20 in three months — just like the Simple Touch model did at Radio Shack!

Previously here:

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