New Nexus 8: iPad Mini Clone From Colorfly?!

Alleged Google Nexus 8 tablet spotted on benchmark website

No one in America is picking up on the Colorfly brand name.


But they sure are in China!

Toutiao [Google Translate]:

If the shots are true, then Google new “Nexus 8” tablet will likely by the domestic flat-panel manufacturers Rainbow (Colorfly) foundry. As this low frequency of the processor, taking into Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei are no such CPU, therefore Nexus 8 who this “heart” is likely to come from local manufacturers allwinner technology. Currently, there are full-Chi A80, A83T and H8 several eight-core processor.

And on the Rainbow, a domestic computer DIY players may be more familiar with. This is a DIY hardware manufacturers, but also one of the more famous card brand on the market. Of course, in addition to motherboards, graphics cards, etc., Colorful also involved in the tablet market, is introducing a variety of Tablet PC include both Android and Windows systems. However, the low end of its flat positioning, the basic price of the thousand or so.

So Google is going to announce an iPad Mini clone using either a MediaTek or Allwinner CPU?!

That would place them on par with HP, which also did that. And they’d become a competitor to Best Buy itself, up against the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85. (It’s doubtful Best Buy would even care — money is money.)

The last we heard of Colorfly — at least in tablets that interested me — was their very low-end dual-OS iPad Mini clone, the i783 Pro.


It seems that’s never been released. Which, actually, is a good thing. Who’d want Windows on a 1024 x 768 screen?

If Colorfly’s hype is to be believed, their G808 tablet sold well. Their iPad and iPad Mini clones? Not so much.

And I have to think this will be a 4:3 aspect ratio tablet. If Google were to drop 4:3, they’d confuse the hell out of the market and exhibit no leadership abilities. Plus, developers would abandon apps for 4:3 since most tablets for Android are still maddeningly widescreen to suit video.

Imagine a Nexus-branded tablet selling for US$149. That’d be its likely price point. I can’t see US$199, but Google might think the Nexus brand is worth a premium despite the low-end guts. I don’t think the market would agree.

This is going to be interesting.



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3 responses to “New Nexus 8: iPad Mini Clone From Colorfly?!

  1. E.T.

    I doubt if this will be part of Google’s Nexus line as these tends to have higher-end specs.

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