iOS Developers: You’re Next In Apple’s Sights

Now that it’s finally been established that Apple wants to be a combination of Nathan Myhrvold and that face-sucking vampire squid Goldman Sachs by taking a 30% cut of all periodicals and books sold via an iOS device, the next move by Apple is clear.

No more totally free software for iOS.

Hey, Apple kicked out the free digital editions of print publications in Europe.

What’s next is that any software offered for free in the App Store must have iAd built into it so Apple can make some coin from it.

All of you asshats who think what Apple is doing is somehow “fair” or “right,” I want you to be transported to that alternative universe where you have to buy a TV for each television station you want to watch. You want to watch ESPN? Buy the ESPN TV. Want HBO? You have to buy the HBO TV also. Why not? It’s ESPN’s and HBO’s software — shouldn’t it be available only on their hardware? Do any of you really think a scheme like that makes any sense?

The iPad is a damned device, like a TV. Like a radio. It’s not a colony by Imperial Apple.

Apple had better grow the hell up. It’s acting like a greedy child.

And governments around the world better start hauling its face-sucking vampire squid ass into court for monopolistic practices and restraint of trade ASAP.

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28 responses to “iOS Developers: You’re Next In Apple’s Sights

  1. jim

    I wouldn’t call them greedy. All free apps I write have Mobclix ads in them. The irony is that I write Android apps and Mobclix is owned by Apple. Strange world….

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  3. this is the reason that android will end up winning this battle

    • mikecane

      Well, we still have yet to hear from webOS. I am not counting them out yet.

    • Steve

      Which battle would that be? Apple clearly owns the high end of the market and is making more money then all of the competition combined, not just Android based phone manufacturers. If that’s losing the battle, it’s not such a bad thing from my perspective.

    • VSM

      what you and most of the other clueless hacks don’t understand (or bother to process) is that Apple doesn’t CARE about having the biggest share of the pie… they care about making money! and they’re doing a damn fine job of it. Apple has always (or didn’t you notice?) sacrificed market share to go upscale and design technological ‘jewelry’. they will continue to do that. if they lose market share in the meantime, so be it. they’re laughing all the way to the bank. google can have the sewer.

  4. Eric D. Fields

    What’s next is that any software offered for free in the App Store must have iAd built into it so Apple can make some coin from it.


  5. Bahaha

    You are an idiot. How is your ESPN/HBO example any different from iOS devices? You have ads (ESPN) or you submit to rape for premium cable fees (HBO). Does your cable company allow you to watch _any_ station you want? I think not- you must choose from the limited selections they offer. Can you add a separate, third party channel to your cable package? I think not- you can watch ONLY the software they approve and supply. You have no choice (and then you still have to watch ads on the channels you’ve paid for!).

    iOS devices are not general computing devices. How many apps do you have installed on your Xbox that were not approved by microsoft? I’ll tell you: None. How many apps do you have installed on your Wii that were not approved by Nintendo. I’ll tell you: None. How many apps do
    You have installed on you PlayStation and PSP that weren’t approved by Sony? I’ll tell you: None.

    • mikecane

      How many DVDs can I play on a TV? And the lineup of broadcast stations on cable TV was mandated by FCC Must Carry rules. Thank you for proving techies have zero knowledge of history. Next!

      • I thought your example was dead on. I wouldn’t give him credit of being a techie since he didn’t even understand the example you posited.

        It will be interesting though to see how this will play out. It does irritate me at times how much control Apple has over a device I purchased.

        It’s almost like being mandated by your car company to only use oil, tires, gas and other parts that they make or you won’t be allowed to operate your car.

        Love to see how long Ford or Toyota would get away with that. :-)

      • mikecane

        It’s weird you should bring up cars. At one time headlights were standardized so that it’d be easy for someone to buy an emergency replacement at any dealer across the country regardless of the car they were driving. That’s changed, of course. People now pay a lot more than they should for the “style” of headlight they have.

      • That’s true, I had almost forgotten about it.

        Also at one time, most cars had the same parts and if you knew how to maintain one, you could do them all. Try doing that now without having training from each major car company.

  6. Which battle?

    Market share? Android already has more market share than iOS and nobody ever seriously expected otherwise – Android is free and can be run by anyone on any hardware.

    Revenue? 4% of global phone sales has given Apple over 50% of the revenue. Google is never going to make any money out of Android, so it’s hard to see how it’s even mathematically possible for “Android” to be victorious here.

    Which other ‘battle’ have I missed which you think Android is going to win?

    • mikecane

      It’s too early to point to anyone “winning.” webOS has not yet been heard from. The only clear losers are, I think, Symbian, whatever the latest Windows Phone thing is called, and MeeGo. Android appeals to people who don’t want — or can’t afford or are trapped with a carrier — an iOS device. webOS devices might appeal to the same crowd, so it’ll like be a three-way battle. And there are many factors to consider. But if Apple keeps trying to screw content people, those people are likely to go to Android and webOS instead. Just as many have flocked to Kindle for eBooks after Sony made the process too difficult.

  7. Darwin

    What a bunch of nonsense. You have zero reason to believe Apple will do this and there is every reason to believe they won’t. Such as all the free apps in the app store.
    Also you just lie or are clueless about Apple taking 30% of all periodicals. They very clearly said periodicals and books must be sold EITHER by an in app purchase through the app store or by going out through the internet. Which has always been true but now they are enforcing it.

  8. There’s nothing to fear or hate here, there is plenty of choice available to the consumer. If Apple are as repugnant as you suggest, users will abandon them in droves for greener pastures :)

  9. VSM

    hey mike, your analogy about buying a different TV to watch different channels was terribly wrong.

    the iPad is the TV. the apps and the content consumed within each app are the channels. if you don’t pay a premium for the channel (e.g. HBO) you have to watch commercials.

    call me an asshat, but what Apple is doing is no different than ABC, NBC, CBS or any of the myriad of channels on TV that require you to watch commercials to watch their programming.

    find another analogy to make your point. or give in.

    • mikecane

      The post was written this morning and I had a feeling the analogy would be weak, but I couldn’t dredge up something better so I took the shot as-is. If Apple injects ads into every free app, we’ll see if everyone prefers that or will go premium for ad-free apps.

      • JS

        The whole Android platform is built on Google selling advertising & data mining. I’m tired of hearing this whiny, childish garbage. Do you think that manufacturers get shelf space in any brick & mortar without giving the retailer a cut? What world do you live in?

  10. Brett

    FUD much?

    If you have a problem with Apple’s current policies, by all means, go ahead and complain.

    But please don’t criticize Apple for what it might do in your fevered fantasies.

    Apple is not stupid. They know that continued success depends on offering a better value proposition than their competition.

  11. AdamC

    LOL, mike I believe you and your family live on fresh air and water.

    I also believe for you making money is evil.

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