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Impressive Rooted Nook Touch Video

Somehow this one has been sitting on YouTube for a week and I missed it!

This is just a quick video of me using a rooted Nook Simple Touch for 6 minutes. I show off the Amazon Kindle app, the Kobo app, the Overdrive Library app, Mango Manga reader, and Aldiko with both an ePub and a PDF.

Enjoy my odd selection of books. From Christian religious books, to erotic novels, to Self Help A.D.D. books. Apologies for the stock YouTube music, my audio track was unusable…and I didn’t want to reshoot.

See the video after the break.

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The Blue Line Of Everyday Police Brutality

Really. This gets a standing ovation from me.


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Devices Still To Appear In 2011: Update 1

With a bunch of announcements happening soon, I thought I’d republish this with some updating.

This is in no order at all. Stream of memory dredging list.

1) HP/Palm Pre 3 — dead as of August 18th
2) HP TouchPad Go (7″) — dead to begin with
3) Kindle with Touch — I doubt this will happen this year
4) Amazon color tablet (7″) — tomorrow, September 28th
5) NookColor II and III
6) Sony ReaderAugust 31
7) TabCo tablet (debuts August 15th) — should have never been made
8) iPhone 5 — October 4th announcement
9) iPod Touch update — October 4th announcement
10) iPad HD (thin rumor) — dead according to latest rumors

I’m not even including things already announced that haven’t yet appeared on stores shelves, like the Samsung Galaxy WiFi 5.0 (which might never, given Apple’s legal actions against Samsung). Update: Now scheduled to arrive October 16th.

I’m also not including second-tier shit no one is interested in: Archos, Coby, Cruz, Pandigital. Those are just made for landfills, not people.

The Nokia N9 isn’t listed because Nokia is delusional and thinks Windows Phone has a future. Windows Phone will follow in the glorious successful footsteps of Microsft’s Kin phone (that is bitter sarcasm, if you don’t know) — and I won’t even list one of those. Waste of pixels.

Update: The N9 is now released. But not coming to the USA.

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Google Books Ruins History

I had a bout of insanity last night and went looking through Google Books to see if there ever was a Life magazine cover like the one shown in the Pan Am TV series:

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