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Does Graffiti For Android Work On Nook Touch?

Shockingly, it seems no one has bothered to try this!

So I’m putting this post up in the hopes someone with a rooted Nook Touch will see it and try it.

Nook Devs reports Graffiti for Android Pro gets a “Perfect” score on the NookColor (do Find->Graffiti on that page).

But that’s an LCD screen. Would it work with an eInk screen?

If you have a rooted Nook Touch, give this a try and report in Comments. Even better, if you can post a YouTube video, I’ll also post it here!

After the break, a video showing how to install Graffiti for Android.

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New Sony Reader WiFi Is Android Underneath!

Sony’s new Reader Wi-Fi is the world’s lightest 6-inch e-reader with multitouch screen (update: powered by Android)

Update: We now have confirmation that this reader is running on a heavily disguised Android (which is somewhat hinted by the buttons, anyway), so yeah, let the rooting begin!

Joanna Stern mentioned it first at This Is My Next, but despite several tweets to her about it, I never got any additional word. So I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

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