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Amazon Only Does What’s Best For Amazon

Amazon in Talks to Launch Digital-Book Library

Amazon has told publishers it is considering creating a digital-book library featuring older titles, people familiar with the talks said. The content would be available to customers of Amazon Prime, who currently pay the retailer $79 a year for unlimited two-day shipping and for access to a digital library of movies and TV shows.

The timing of this is no accident.

September 15th is the date Judge Chin has decreed there must be a Google Book Search settlement.

So Amazon probably went to publishers and said, “You already agreed to letting Google steal your backlist, why not at least let us give you a few pennies for it?”

I wonder how many publisher Buy buttons will disappear until they cave in and agree?

It will soon get to the point where writers will have a better chance of making a living selling illegal drugs instead of writing.



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The Incense Of Hell

9/11 Stories: ‘No One Talks About That’

Twin Towers jumpers that Americans will not talk about

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The West Began And Ends In Greece

Germany May be Ready to Surrender in Fight to Save Greece

Germany may be getting ready to give up on Greece.

After almost two years of fighting to contain the region’s debt crisis and providing the biggest share of three European bailouts, Chancellor Angela Merkel is laying the ground for what markets say is almost a sure thing: a Greek default.

After Greece defaults, Spain, Portugal, and Italy will watch closely to see what the ramifications have been.

If they don’t look that bad, they’ll follow suit.

There is no escape from any of this. Measures that were required in 2008 to fix things were never taken. Instead of safeguarding populations, governments threw all of their citizens under the bus to please crooked banks and corrupt markets — as if such things exist independently of us all!

None of this will end well.

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Beginning The Doom Endgame

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Rewind 2008, Replay In 2011

It’s Time To Prepare For The Crisis Ahead

Now that everyone knows there is a crisis in Europe, the one in China will soon be making headlines.

Since July 26, over $6.8 trillion of wealth has been lost by investors in the global markets. And all along, investors were advised to go bargain-hunting by the so-called “experts.” This is a perfect market for traders. Fortunes will be made during this crisis. But the uninformed investors will lose fortunes as well. This is the time to get the best and most experienced guidance possible.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Ground Zero September 11, 2011

Yeah, I wound up going there.

But I’m not going to run the usual pictures you expect from everyone else. I’m not playing that emotional addict game here.

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