Allwinner Reveals CPU Roadmap

1Pad has the coverage of Allwinner’s upcoming CPUs, which includes an octa-core CPU as well as one specialized chip for wearable devices [Google English].

Due to the vagaries of Google Translate, I’m not even going to attempt making sense of the post. Keeping track of ARM designations drives me mad to begin with (I could not tell you the difference between A7 and A9 if you held a gun to my head), so I will leave it up to you readers who have expertise in that area to read the post without me mangling it.

What matters is that IMP3Net reminds us that Onda will be the first tablet maker to use the new Allwinner octa-core CPU in a tablet later this year [Google English]. Hardware specifics are still unavailable — and I repeat that I’d be surprised if Onda put it in an iPad Mini clone. It seems to me they’d want to try it in a higher-end tablet, perhaps even one with a Retina-class display.

Previously here:

Allwinner Octa CPU + Onda

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