HP Slate 21 Pro Announced

Same-day update with video


The HP Slate 21 Pro is basically the Slate 21 with the RAM and storage done better:

  • Nvidia Tegra 4 Quad-Core T40S Processor 6 (1.66 GHz – Dual-Core/Single-Core mode up to 1.8 GHz)
  • 2GB DDR3–800 MHz SDRAM
  • Flash storage: 16 GB eMMC

And despite being aimed at businesses and schools, they kept the good part:

  • DTS Sound + integrated audio
  • (2) Integrated stereo speakers – 2W x 2W

The complete three-page spec sheet PDF [direct link}.

I would have preferred at least 32GBs of internal storage, especially because of this footnote:

12.4 GB is available for user. Total flash storage used for OS, preinstalled apps, recovery is up to 3.6 GB.

But this is Good Enough to buy.

Despite a CPU less powerful than that in the Lenovo N308, and no internal hard drive, the 1920 by 1080 IPS screen is superior.


Same-day update:

I want it even more now.

Previously here:

The Tragedy Of The HP Slate 21


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4 responses to “HP Slate 21 Pro Announced

  1. M. Smith

    CNET did a review (http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/hp-slate-21-pro/4505-3118_7-35833756.html) and indicated a pricepoint of $399. Not bad considering the Slate 21 was $330. For $70 you get double the RAM, Storage, and HDMI in (yay!) and Android 4.3. Not to mention this product comes with a mouse and keyboard (albeit wired ones rather than BT). The monitor mirror function via a double tap is really cool, allowing one to quickly transfer displays from Android to Windows (if one wanted to that is).

    My only concern is how much will HP support this product with firmware updates and would this monitor be VESA compatible (so it can be hung on a wall if desired)?

    That video you embedded suggested there is some lag with the touchscreen. My understanding is that it’s pretty difficult to get decent responsiveness with touchscreens and when you do, the monitors tend to be pretty expensive (see review/ratings of TS monitors here: http://touchscreen-monitors-review.toptenreviews.com/).

    I’d love to try this out for myself. This is shaping up to be a real good value with the Tegra 4 chip and TS at this price point. Guess I’ll have to wait on that until April.


    • mikecane

      The touchscreen isn’t capacitive, it’s infrared. That probably accounts for any slight delay. None of the HP IR touchscreens I’ve pawed in the past are anything like capacitive screens on the iDevices or Samsung’s. IR allows them to keep the price low. I’m also not sure if it’s that big a deal on something that inexpensive. I’ll have to try it out to see.

  2. M. Smith

    A-ha. That might be the reason as well for the reduction in cost. The linked review below of capactive vs. IR touchscreens suggest that one doesn’t lose that much sensitivity between the two, so maybe HP can fix the slight lag noted in the video before the official release.



  3. jimmyselix

    Reviving an old thread since there was a major firesale discount on these lately on Groupon and other sites… I have one and come to think of this product as more of a touchscreen monitor with android.

    I’ve been looking for a digital signage type solution in my man-cave to basically just show my upcoming calendar events, current and forecast weather, time and latest news headlines. I tried a raspberry pi 2 but really didn’t like how you had to pay monthly for most apps/software and i really wasn’t too interested in coding or making my own solution.

    my solution? android homescreens with widgets and apps. I just double tap input to switch to android input and leave it there when not using my mac mini. when i need to really work i double tap the button again and back to my mac. all using the same set of inputs (via usb hub) to slate 21 pro. :) android only updated to 4.3 and most likely no further support in that regard but 4.3 is very decent, you still have multiple user support.

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