Teclast Announces Core-M Tablet, TV Box

The TV box doesn’t interest me. Briefly, it has an Intel CPU, uses YunOS in collaboration with content from Alibaba and will be priced at 299 yuan. This will likely not work outside of China and frankly, it’s TV, so I don’t care.

Now onto the Core-M tablet Weibos …











A problem enlarging that graphic in-line. It’s this:






Another problem enlarging that graphic in-line. It’s this:


4G will likely not be compatible with U.S. frequencies.



Larger image for readability:




And that’s it.

Teclast is making four hundred available to registered forum members at a discount price of 2,999 yuan. I wouldn’t complain about not being able to get one at that price. It’s probably a live beta test that people are paying to be in.

3,888 yuan is around US$627.23. And I think that’s without the magnetic keyboard.

Given that the Surface 3 announced yesterday will be about the same price with keyboard (purchased separately), it seems to me this is a better buy in terms of specs. The screen is larger and higher resolution. The CPU is more powerful and there’s double the internal storage.

Of course, people outside of China are likely to have the Surface 3 supported — buyers of the Teclast X1 will mostly be on their own. And build quality is still unknown (also: never, ever buy the first batches!).

Is anyone out there really considering buying a Core-M tablet from China? If so, why? And which one?

Same-day update: Although it might seem I’m getting slightly back into the swing of things here, that’s not so. This still overshadows everything and breaks my ability to concentrate. I sometimes review my posts later in the day. And in reviewing this, I missed a very important point: This is a dual-OS Core-M tablet. It has both Android and Windows and is the first Core-M tablet to offer that. Does that increase anyone’s interest in it? I’ll be interested to see reviews and the Android benchmarks.


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6 responses to “Teclast Announces Core-M Tablet, TV Box

  1. Stroppirob

    I had been looking at the Cube i7 (excellent review here http://cngadget.info/2015/03/03/cube-i7-hands-on-review/) Its very tempting apart from the price. I live in the UK and don’t mind spending $250 give or take on a “value for money ” tablet from Pipo Teclast and Cube etc… The problem is when you are paying around $600 you expect a better service for the accessories. I would expect a UK layout keyboard and more importantly a UK certified plug and charger. I was going to wait and see what the Pipo K2 was like but then Microsoft announced the Surface3 yesterday, which throws everything up in the air again.

    • giouncino

      as I said many times: leave Pipo alone!
      Today Pipo is the very worst Chinese brand, as far as I’ve possibility to test their products, and keep in mind that I’m an administrator of Pipo Italian community. So, I’ve had many many many examples of bad built products from Pipo, not existent and in some cases even fraud customer care!
      It’s a real shame how the build their devices…

      Pipo real value is close to 0!
      Believe me!

      Apart from that Cube i7 could be a really interesting solution, but it’s quite expensive for a Chinese device at the moment.

  2. highwind

    “The CPU is more powerful”

    Please show proof for that statement

    • Well, you’re right, I can’t. I’m relying on the fact the Core-M was touted by Intel as being a step up from Atom, therefore it should be more powerful than the x7 that will be in the Surface 3. We’ll see what actual benchmarks reveal — there’s none in China for either yet.

  3. highwind

    Ok, nevermind, just thought you had seen some benchmarks on the new Atom X3/5/7, which I missed

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