Writer David Hewson Gives Wife Grounds For Divorce

Either divorce or Justifiable Homicide.

For days he was all Nyah nyah nyah I don’t need no stinkin’ Kindle look at my new shiny Dell Streak which can be a Kindle also nyah-ha-ha.

He said he’d give the Kindle 3 to his wife.

@mikecane Dell Streak arrived (here with Kindle for Android). Order for K3 cancelled (or my wife can have it) http://ow.ly/i/3o6aTue Aug 24 13:24:47 via HootSuite

And then the Streak turned out not to be All That:

@mikecane Streak is being returned – I want to try a bigger screen when it appears. Kindle is MINEFri Aug 27 10:35:32 via Chromed Bird

Then he tricked his poor, loving, devoted wife:

@mikecane I just asked my wife if she wanted a guy-style cool electronic gadget for her birthday. She said no! Nuff sdFri Aug 27 15:23:32 via HootSuite

And then … it arrived:

Owly Images

And war broke out:

The second instalment of my beginner’s guide to Kindle 3 may be delayed due to fact my wife has stolen itSat Aug 28 13:22:44 via HootSuite

Kindle has now been returned to me on the grounds that the dog has to be fedSat Aug 28 13:54:27 via Chromed Bird

Hewson has not been heard from since.

Maybe she fed him to the dog?



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2 responses to “Writer David Hewson Gives Wife Grounds For Divorce

  1. Waddyamean ‘hasn’t been heard of since’? I already told you: she’s getting a Kindle of her own now.
    Your reporting powers are amazing, Mike. How the New York Post hasn’t snapped you up is beyond me!

    • mikecane

      The Daily Mail made an offer but it was too little money. Besides, how do I know this is YOU and not your wife covering her tracks?

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