Why Publish On Paper?

Mills&Boon e-books record booming sales

The British publisher said electronic sales of the books have more than doubled over the last year and have now overtaken actual paper book sales.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This will happen first to genre publishers — M&B does Romance — and then hit the Big Six in their genres too.

The dominoes are beginning to fall.

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One response to “Why Publish On Paper?

  1. At first I thought, “What Mills & Boon… no way, it’s all women who can’t use tech and who also read deadly dull romance magazines…” My bad. My prejudice. The reality is the Mills & Boon fans are the heartland of people who love books but don’t make a big noise about it. They just buy the books they love. Unpretentious. And they’ll go with whatever decent reading machine tech is out there.

    Hats off to Mills & Boon! You’re out there doing it for real – unlike the Random House monkeys panicking like sick, scared donkey alligators, bred crazy by a skunk weed toking Dr. Moreau… whatever the fuck that means… but somehow I think all sane people will understand.

    Bottom line: The big publishers are choking like old T-Rex was back in the day when the atmosphere went bad after the big meteor hit. Then the mammals won the day. And in book terms, the ebook is winning the day.

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