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Space: 1999 Reboot Threatened

I’m over a month late learning this. In my defense, only the hard-core Gerry Anderson fans seem to have known about this. I guess I’m just not that hard-core.

The amazing Battlestar Galactica reboot showed what’s possible when people put some real thought into something. And I’m not talking about just the groundbreaking effects of that series. I mean characters who act like people.

I’d like to be excited about the prospect of a 1999 reboot. But the people behind this did the reboot of V on ABC.

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Pixel Qi Screen In Another Tablet We’ll Never Buy

Update: Original German-language video swapped out for English-language version.

Netbook News [Google English] reports from CeBIT 2012 this is from — as usual — an obscure Chinese manufacturer specializing in cheap tablets. It uses the already-obsolete single-core Samsung 1GHz Hummingbird CPU with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage to power a 1280 × 800 Pixel Qi transflective screen.

In other words, another tablet not widely available and that we’ll never buy.

We’ve been waiting for Pixel Qi screens to show up in widely-available devices for years. When will that wait finally come to an end? And when it does, will we still care?

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