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The Chinese Do A Better Segway

From time to time, I dredge YouTube to see what’s new in one-person transportation. I keep hoping for the breakthrough product that will combine Not Looking Like A Dick while using it with an actual affordable price.

I don’t know the price of this one, but damn, I like it otherwise:

I rode a Segway the day it was announced. It always seemed too damned big. Compared to this Chinese one, it’s the SUV of personal transport! This Chinese model looks like an R2D2 version. I don’t think anyone would look like a dick on it. And it doesn’t hog the sidewalk like a Segway would.

As I was doing this post, I stumbled over information that this is now allegedly being sold in the United States!

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Funniest Prediction Of 2012 So Far

Android tablets to surpass iPad in global sales by 2015: IDC

The Kindle Fire is burning a hole in Apple Inc.’s global dominance of the tablet market, International Data Corp. research suggests.

In fact, Android tablets could suprass Apple’s iPad as the top selling tablets in the world by 2015, IDC says.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So IDC sees Android tablets in 2015?

I don’t.

Come back in three years and see who was right.

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Another Rooted Nook Touch Fast Refresh Video

When history records the failure of Barnes & Noble, will anyone notice that it was their refusal to embrace the rooting community that ultimately led to their downfall?

If Kobo ever wised up and made the Kobo Touch into an eInk Android tablet, one that didn’t require rooting, and incorporated the above hack in Settings and the UI, they would crater Nook Touch sales to people who buy it to make it a tablet. Don’t forget, the Kindle would become an app on such a device, also weakening Amazon hardware sales and its overall market domination.

Previously here:

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TV: Dirk Gently, Episode One

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