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Evolution Of Angry Birds On Rooted Nook Touch

I thought it would be interesting to show everyone just how far the Nook Touch has progressed thanks to the XDA Developers forum of rooters and hackers.

This is where it was on June 5, 2011:

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Kill Agency Pricing Dead, Ms. Pozen!

Trust Buster Takes Hard Line As E-Book Probe Continues

Without mentioning Apple Inc. or the five publishers that are the target of the investigation, Sharis Pozen says she won’t hesitate to act against “collusive behavior at the highest levels of companies.”

“Competitors can’t join together and make agreements on price,”
she says in an interview. “We’re going to stop that.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

She has a good record. She stopped the AT&T-T-Mobile merger that worked against the interest of customers and she stopped the “gentlemen’s agreement” among tech companies that worked against the interest of employees.

If she keeps the focus on Agency Pricing being against the interest of readers, Agency Pricing will be dead.

Good riddance to a price-fixing scheme that should have never, ever been enacted.


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